History, Directory & Gazetteer, of the County of York Vol. II. East and North Ridings: Edward Baines, 1823

AUGHTON, (p.) in the wap. of Harthill; 8 miles NNW. of Howden. A parochial village and vicarage, the present incumbent of which is the Rev. W. Dean, and --- Mosley the patron. This village was the residence of Robert Aske, who in the year 1538, headed the insurrection called the "Pilgrimage of Grace." Aske is represented to history as a man of daring and enthusiastic courage, a gentleman by birth, and of considerable talents. In the latter part of the reign of Charles I. Sir Richard Aske, was master of the crown office, and one of the council of the regicides.

He appears to have been the last of the family that resided at Aughton. There are no remains of the ancient mansion or castle; but the site is marked by ditchies or moats one within another, with the interior vallum raised to a great height, which shows it to have been a place of considerable strength. It is situated near the eastern banks of the Derwent. Population, 259.


Allan Richard

Brabbs James,


Buttle Thomas

Cottam George

Gowthorp James

Lambert Edward

Lawson Emanuel

Maltby Wm.

Steel John

Stephen Wm,

Webster Jobn

Wilkinson Robert

Young Wm.


Morley Richard

Young George

Cottingwith East, In the parish of Aughton, and wap. of Harthill; 9 miles NE. of Selby. Here is a Chapel of Ease, of which the Rev. John Fox, is incumbent; likewise a Friends Meeting-house and a Methodist chapel. Pop. 308.

Liccup Mrs. Emma, gentlewoman

Nottingham Wm. yeoman

Webster Simeon, gentleman

Wilson Wm. yeoman

Colbert Michael vict. Ship

Gell John, butcher and vict. Blue Bell

Hall Peter,. blacksmith

Hemingway Wm. wheelwright

Seymour Geo. tailor

Tasker John, corn miller

Williamson Geo. bricklayer

Cattle dealers,

Blanchard Geo.

Yeoman John


Bailey Thos

Bell Wm.

Cook Richard

Gell John

Piercy Wm.

Room James

Flax dressers,

Arnelt John

Thomlinson Edw.


Smith Wm.

Smith John


Dudding Francis

Sherburn John

Carriers. - George Seymour and George Williams, to York every Sat. dep. at 5 morn. ret. 6 evg.

Laytham, in the parish of Aughton, and wap. of Harthill; 9 miles N. of Howden. Pop. 125.

Nottingham R. F. gentleman


Brables James

Gell John

Gowry Charles

Hatfield Thomas

Relph Thomas

Thompson John

Vause John