Coroner's Inquests

After 1853 the bulk of Coroners Inquests documentation are to be found in class NC at Beverley (details below). However, the catalogue gives very few names, and none at all for Aughton. The situation is better in the period from 1752 to 1860, as coroners were required to file their inquests at the Quarter Sessions and they gave full abstracts of their inquests.


Aughton came within the jurisdiction of the East Riding, and the Quarter Sessions records are held at:


East Riding Archives and Local Studies Service

County Hall


East Riding of Yorkshire

HU17 9BA


The most useful records are the Abstracts of Inquests, which include details of dates and places where dead bodies were located, and verdicts. These records are not in a class of their own, but are dispersed over the following classes:


QSF: Quarter Sessions Files, Petitions (but containing some Abstracts of Inquests)

QST: Accounts and Vouchers (but containing some Abstracts of Inquests)


As usual, take care with those entries that simply say Cottingwith (Cottingworth) as this could refer to either East or West Cottingwith.

Reference Abstract of Inquests for Aughton Date
QSF/223/D/6 John Cherrey, accidently drowned; George Hudson, accidently drowned  
QSF/259/D/7 Mary Lawson, found dead - casual death 13 Oct 1772
QSF/271/D/10 Emanuel Cookson, drowned - casually, accidentally and through misfortune; Thomas Cookson, drowned - casually, accidentally and through misfortune 1 Jan 1776
QSF/289/D/8 George Buttle, drowned - casually accidentally and by misfortune 29 May 1780
QSF/319/E/6 Anne Young. burnt 26 Jan 1788
QSF/337/E/20 Harriet Carr, accidental drowned 7 Jun 1792
QSF/337/E/24 Robert Maltby, accidental drowned 20 Jan 1792
QST/95/35 Richard Barker, natural death 12 Aug 1788
QST/104/22 William Baker, sudden death 15 Mar 1791
Reference Abstract of Inquests for East Cottingwith Date
QSF/191/D/18 Peter Wilson, killed by a waggon wheel 2 Aug 1755
QSF/331/E/15 Matthew Gray, lying dead 18 Oct 1791
QSF/215/D/15 (Cottingworth) James Patterick, drowned by accidents 24 Oct 1761
QSF/259/D/13 (Cottingworth) Jonathan Hall, accidentally drowned in ye Rever Darwent 17 Dec 1772
QSF/259/D/13 (Collingworth) John Burkbeck, accidentally drowned in the Rever Darwent 19 Dec 1772
QSF/287/D/12 Mary Watson, burnt - casually and accidentally 20 Feb 1780
QSF/307/D/17 Mary Burn, found dead in a field called Croft field, supposed to have had a fit, or from the Visitation of God, and without any marks of violence thereupon her 17 Sep 1784
Reference Abstract of Inquests Latham Date
QSF/191/D/18 Henry Stubbins, accidently killed by a fall from a waggon 2 Aug 1755
QSF/251/D/11 Mary Hanson, hanged herself, felodese 10 Oct 1770