In the 1794-5 and 1799 Churchwardens’ Accounts, they report an income from the interest on £20 (each) from Mr. George Ion (Vicar of Bubwith) and Mr. Richard Allen.


Charity Commissioners, 1824

The following are from the 10th Report of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, page 654, and the 11th Report of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, page 722, (both published in 1824).



The Allerthorpe dole. Rent-charge of 13s. 4d, Distributed by the overseers among poor widows of Aughton.


Church land. 24a. The rent whereof, at the time of the Report, was used for repairing the Church.



The sum of 1s, 8d. is received by the overseers, and distributed about Candlemas to poor widows.


East Cottingwith

The town's land, 18a. Let at the time of the Report for £28 14s. per annum, which sum is added to the poor's rates, after paying to the schoolmaster, for teaching four poor children to read, £3 10s. The Commissioners reported that there were no deeds or writings respecting this property.



Ellis Bradley's, by will, about 1719. Rent-charge of 10s. to the poor, at Lady day and Michaelmas.


Unknown. Rent-charge of 10s. per annum to the poor. — See 10th Report,

page 654.