Marriage Licenses

Marriage Bonds and Allegations

Part 1 1374-1531

Part 2 1567-1630

Part 3 1630-1714

Part 4 1715-1839


The indices to marriage bonds and allegations are in four parts:


Part 1 is taken from the list of marriage licences and marriage dispensations taken from the Registers of the Archbishop of York, the Bishop of Durham,and the Archdeacon of Richmond, covering the period 1374-1531, and published in Volume 45 of the Publications of the Surtees Society. 


Part 2 is taken from the so-called*  Paver's Marriage Licences, parts 1-17 [1567-1630], in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, vols. 7, 9-14, 16-17 & 20, and  'A consolidated Index to Paver's Marriage Licences (1567-1630)', printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. The coverage of each volume is as follows:


YAJ Vol 7: 1567-1592

YAJ Vol 9: 1592-1595, 1595-1597

YAJ Vol 10: 1597-1599, 1599-1602, 1602-1604

YAJ Vol 11: 1604-1609

YAJ Vol 12: 1609-1610, 1610-1612, 1612-1613, 1613-1614

YAJ Vol 13: 1614-1615

YAJ Vol 14: 1615-1617, 1617-1620

YAJ Vol 16: 1622- 1625

YAJ Vol 17: 1626-1628

YAJ Vol 20: 1628-1630


* The reason I use the expression 'so-called' in Part 2 is because the manuscripts of William Paver contain indices to the bonds and allegations supporting the application for a marriage license, not to the marriage licences themselves. Marriage licences were never kept by the Diocesan Registry, and the licences which were handed to the couple have rarely survived. Paver made his manuscript from the original registers of grants of licences in the Diocesan registry, while he was a Deputy Registrar. The original registers from which he made his manuscript have never never been recovered since he removed them, and only one register, for the years 1618-1620, appears to have escaped his clutches.


Part 3 is taken from Paver's Marriage Licences, vols. 1-3 1630-1644, 1660-1714: Yorkshire Archaeological Society record series, vols. 40, 43 & 46. The coverage of each volume is as follows:


YASRS Vol 40: 1630-1644

YASRS Vol 43: 1660-1674

YASRS Vol 46: 1674-1714


The bonds and allegations that were made at the time of application for a marriage licence have survived only from 1660.


Part 4 covers the period from 1715-1839, and has been taken from the published indexes in the following series:


An Index to the Archbishop of York's Marriage Bonds and Allegations

1830-1839 (Borthwick List and Index 3, 1986);

1820-1829 (Borthwick List and Index 4, 1987);

1810-1819 (Borthwick List and Index 5, 1988);

1800-1809 (Borthwick List and Index 6, 1989);

1790-1799 (Borthwick List and Index 7, 1990);

1780-1789 (Borthwick List and Index 9, 1991);

1765-1779 (Borthwick List and Index 10, 1993);

1750-1764 (Borthwick List and Index 13, 1994);

1735-1749 (Borthwick List and Index 15, 1996);

1715-1734 (Borthwick List and Index 23, 1999);

1690-1714 (Borthwick List and Index 29, 2001);

1660-1689 (Borthwick List and Index 34, 2003)


The first 4 volumes were compiled by E.B. and W.R.Newsome, the next 5 volumes by E.B.Newsome, and the last 3 by P.W.G. Chilman 

PART 1 1374-1531             
Surname Forename Parish Surname Forename Parish Place of Marriage Year
Riccall William East Cottingwith Tombarne Juliana     1397
PART 2 1567-1630             
Surname Forename Parish Surname Forename Parish Place of Marriage Year
Dove Robert Aughton Robinson Christiana Aughton 1593
Williamson John Aske Ann Aughton York, HT Goodramgate 1593
Conyers Gregory Williamson Ann Aughton Aughton or Bubwith 1596
Blanshard Peter Hawley Margaret Aughton   1597
Conyers George Wharton Frances Aughton Aughton 1598
Newton Robert Aughton, Lathom Boyes Ann Rillington Aughton or Rillington 1601
Hindsley John Aughton, Lathom Chambers Mary Everingham Aughton or Everingham 1602
Swann Thomas Wilburn Ann East Cottingwith Aughton or E. Cottingwith 1603
Cottam William Wykeham Audrey Aughton Aughton 1605
Sharpe Richard Barnby Marsh Houseman Margaret Aughton Aughton 1605
Day Thomas Cliffe Jane Aughton Aughton 1607
Blythe William Thorganby Rudderforth Elizabeth Aughton Either 1618-9
Rigden Jonah Ellerton Richardson Mary Aughton Aughton 1625
Blanchard Robert Aske Ellen Aughton Aughton 1627
Whittingham Godfrey Goolner? Vavasour Isabel Spaldington Aughton or Spaldington 1628
Lutton John East Cottinwith Cotnes Isabel Howden East Cottingwith 1623
Lutton Robert East Cottinwith Rande Frances Preston Preston-in Holderness 1623
Middleton Bryan Bubwith Wilson Isabel East Cottinwith Either 1628
Fawcett Peter Latham Thurley Isabel Eastrington Seaton or Eastrington 1623
PART 3 1630-1714             

Surname Forename Parish Surname Forename Parish Place of Marriage Year
Empson Gregory All Saints, York Richardson Mary Aughton there 1633
Alder William Vic, Aughton Tonge Dorothy Dunnington there 1633
Blanshard Thomas Aughton Harrison Frances Armin there 1636
Fawcet Richard Aughton Clarevax Elizabeth Trinity, King's Court there 1636
Simpson Richard Aughton Stephenson Eliza Everingham there 1637
Jackson Robert Kidson Alice Aughton Elvington 1638
Skipwith Thomas Aughton Smith Barbara Wressle there 1638
Warriner Richard Aughton Gray Margaret Wressle there 1638
Wilson Christopher East Cottingwith Coomer Agnes Wheldrake Aughton 1640
Gray William Hull Wright Bridget Cottingwith St. Mary's, Hull 1632
Heslewood John Cottingwith Blackburne Margaret Kirkby Underdale there 1643
Blanchard George Clementhorpe, Blacktoft Fawcett Mary Aughton either place 1661
Hindsley Richard Aughton Westaby Catherine St. Martin, Coney Street either place 1661
Wilson George Aughton Moore Mary St. Cuthbert there 1662
Hepwith John Aughton Waude Eliza Skipwith either place 1663
Brian William Aughton Gibson Ann Bubwith Thornton or Eastrington 1664
Harland George Thornton Webster Margaret Aughton either place 1664
Lee Thomas Aughton Cleveland Mary Thornton Aughton 1667
Sunderland Langdale Aughton Hippon Elizabeth Featherstone there or at Tadcaster 1673
Swann Thomas Peirson Ann East Cottingwith Trinity, King's Court 1665
Savage John Gray Catherine East Cottingwith there or at All Saints, Pavement 1665
Palmer Jo Lenge Mary Aughton there or at Eastrington 1686
Stephenson John Gribthorpe Lenge Catherine Aughton there or at Castlegate 1697
Leng Luke Spaldington Leng Frances Willitoft Aughton or Bubwith 1698
Lolley Richard AughtOn Smith Catherine York Goodramgate, St. Olave or Fulford 1705
Clarke Thomas Wigginton Smith Alice Aughton Cathedral or at Skirpenbeck 1711
Storr William Aughton Walker Sarah Wheldrake there or at Aughton or Escrick 1711
Holborne William Aughton Burtwisle Susan Bubwith either place 1712
Daniel Thomas Whixley Daniel Sarah Aughton there or at Thornton 1714
Greave Robert Cottingwith Thomas Elizabeth Pocklington either place 1674
Kedar Richard Hodgson Mary East Cottingwith St. Saviour or… 1698
Speight Matthew East Cottingwith Potter Mary Bubwith Spurriergate 1698
Idle William Bubwith Speight Margaret East Cottingwith Bubwith 1705