Date Name Source and Notes
c. 1135-1148 Ulf CAER citing Early Yorkshire Charters 11, 417
c. 1195-1211 Thomas CAER citing Early Yorkshire Charters 11, 423; York Minster Fasti i, Y.R.S. cxxiii 57; Eyre Rolls, Yorks, Serden Society, lvi 318
1229 Tho de Howerk AHN citing Torres [this is almost certainly Thos. de Newark]
1230 Roger de Thirkelby AHN citing Torres
1266 Henry Hay CAER citing Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1258-1266, page 619; Register Romeyn i, page 19 (see my note); 9 Jan 1305-6 Walter de Allerton appointed coadjutor to Henry, r. Of Aughton, who is so stricken with blindness and deafness that he cannot manage his affairs, Register Corbridge ii, page 171.

Lives of the Archbishops of York, Rev. W. H. Dixon, Vol 1, 1863, page 336.
15 June 1286, A Royal mandate to the archbishop (Romanus) to summon before the justices itinerant at York, Henry Hay, Rector of Aughton (his clerks, for a transgression in hunting).

Note: Archbishop John Le Romeyn's Register, Surtees Society, Vol cxiii page 19, transcribes the place as Atton, and suggests Etton near Beverley. Given that the spelling of Aughton during this period was usually Acton, with the 'c' and 't' joined by a ligature, which is often confused with a double 'tt'; and as the Hays were lords of Aughton at this time, I am fairly certain that Dixon is correct in this case.
1306 Walter de Bedewynde AHN citing Torres [In 1309 he received an indulgence to retain the posts of treasurer of St. Peter's, York, dean of Thamvirthe, rector of Aughton and Catton, and canon and prebendary of Houden and Bridgnorth, in the diocese of York, Coventry and Lichfield, and Hereford. Calendar of Papal Letters, Vol II]
1318 Henry de Yverthorp AHN citing Torres [Henry de Iverthorp was instituted to Aughton 18 June 1318, on the presentation of Roger Haye. The Register of William Melton, VI, fol. 269]
1332 Henry de Gryngely AHN citing Torres [Died of the Black Death. The date is from an entry in The Register of William Melton, VI, fol. 316, 23 August 1332, when Henry de Gringely, rector of Aughton, was granted a licence to sell the garb tithes of Seaton and Laytham].
CAER citing Calendar of Patent Rolls 1340-1343, page 350
1349 John de Sutton AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Zouche, fols. 200d, 201
1353 Will de Seaton AHN citing Torres.
CAER (but named William de Fenton) citing Register Thoresby, fol. 19d
1354 John de Wynteryngham CAER citing Register Thoresby, fol. 196d
1358 Bro. William de Haldanby CAER citing Register Thoresby, fol. 199
  Hugh de Rolton CAER - inserted at this point, but giving no date. See next
1363 Robert de Pothon (or Pothoke) CAER citing Calendar of Papal Petitions, he petiitioned in 1363 for the church of Aughton, void by the resignation of Hugh de Rolton

   Wardens who were canons of Ellerton
1397 Tho de Hoveden AHN citing Torres [In A Calendar of the Register of Robert Waldby, Archbishop of York, fol. 12, he is given as Brother Thomas de Hoveden, a canon of Ellerton, in accordance with papal indults granted to the order, and on the presentation of the Prior and Convent, to whom the benefice was appropriated.
CAER citing Register Waldby fol. 12
1417 John Yneflete AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Bowet i, fol. 186d
1421 Robert Boston AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Bowet i, fol. 197
1423 Robert de Menby AHN citing Torres.
CAER (but named Bro. Robert de Wrauby) citing Register Bowet i, fol. 200d
1432 John Sharow AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Kempe fol. 369
    After this date no further individuals were nominated as Wardens (custodes) by Ellerton Priory, and only vicars were appointed. Rectors of Aughton did not begin to appear again until well after the Reformation.
1653 Wm D’Arcy AHN Rector of Aughton and Cottingwith, interred, May 14, 1653.
1762 William Darcey Otley Was cited by the Archbishop for non-residence. He wrote back on the 26 Jul 1762 and explained that the reason for his non-residency was his bad health, and was living in the Isle of Wight under doctor's advice. The archbishop did not accept his explanation, a formal resignation was prepared. On the 11 Nov 1762, James Cookson wrote to the Archbishop, saying: 'Darcy has got a formal resignation to sign before a notary publick. I intend to give up the curacy of Bubwith as soon as his time is up with his vicar and the house in Aughton made fitt, but that will most likely not before spring.' Bishopthorpe Papers, BP C&P VII/103

-1227 Thos. Murdak Vicar of Aughton, died this year. Thomas, the parson, presented a clerk to the vicarage, Roger Hay assenting, but the prior of Ellerton, who claim the patronage, dissenting, we appoint Thos de Newark. Register of Walter Gray, Surtees Society, Vol LVI, page 19.
1227 Thomas de Newark See above.
1230 Roger of Turkilleby Grant, with the assent of Roger of Turkilleby, the parson of Acton, and Roger Hay, the patron, made to Mr. Gentilius, the clerk, of the corn tithe of Lathum, Seaton, Foggerthorpe, and Willitoft. Register of Walter Gray, Surtees Society, Vol LVI, page 37.
    Up to this date the advowson (patronage) of Aughton was held by the Hay family, who quitclaimed the right to the Prior of Ellerton and his successors.
CAER citing Yorkshire Feet of Fines, 1218-1231, page 118
1440 John Malton CAER citing the will of Alice Myton, Test. Ebor. ii page 76
1465 Will Helden CAER citing the will of Margaret Aske, Test. Ebor. ii page 276.
AHN citing Torres [See note immediately under]
1484 Gilbert Carre AHN citing Torres [In the Register of Thomas Rotherham, Archbishop of York, Archdeaconry of the East Riding, fol. 145, he is given as Gilbert Kerr, canon of Ellerton, presented by the Prior and Convent, vacant by the death of William Holden]
1494 John Stephenson AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Rotherham i fol. 143, presented by the prior and Convent of Ellerton on the death of Gilbert Carre
1521 Richard Dobson AHN citing Torres.
CAER citing Register Wolsey, fol. 62d, presented by the prior and Convent of Ellerton on the death of John Stevenson
1531 Robert Henleye AHN citing Torres.
CAER (named as Bro. Robert Henlegge) citing Register Lee fol. 22d, presented by the prior and Convent of Ellerton on the resignation of Richard Dobson
1569 Richard Dove Patron - The Crown: BI.Reg.30. CCEd. Also C.P.R. Eliz. Vol 4, page 151, 13 Sep 1568, void by death.
CAER citing Register Sede Vacante Vol. 30 fol. 63, presented by the Crown on the death of Robert Henlake
1591 Edward Sawle Patron - The Crown: BI.Inst.AB.2. CCEd
1611 Robert Charleton Patron - The Crown: BI.Inst.AB.3. CCEd.
Robert Charlton of Aughton, Minister, buried 9th April 1620, Parish Register.
1620 William Alder Patron - The Crown: BI.Sub.Bk.1. CCEd.
Ejected for nonconformity in 1633 – ‘Yorkshire Puritanism & Early Nonconformity’, Rev. Bryan Dale, 1909, page 227.
CAER citing the Parish Register, says he occurs as vicar 1634-1635 (so returned after the ejection of Henry Jessy, see next)
    Archbishop Sharp says he has met with no institutions since 1620 until 1689. ASM
1633 Henry Jessy Replaced William Alder who was ejected for nonconformity in 1633, but was himself ejected for the same reason a year later – ‘Yorkshire Puritanism & Early Nonconformity’, Rev. Bryan Dale, 1909, page 227
1634 Daniel Bushell

Daniel Bushell Was ordained deacon in 1624, priest in 1628, vicar of Middleton in Pickering Lithe, 1627-1632, then vicar of Hollym cum Withernsea 1632 until his resignation in Sep 1634, so presumably he became minister at Aughton from then.

Daniel Bushell, son of Daniel Bushell of Aughton, Minister and Preacher, baptised May 1637. The son of Daniel Bushell, Minister and Preacher of the word of God at Aughton, was buried 11 Jun 1638. Baptised in Aughton: George Bushell, the son of Daniel Bushell, Minister and Preacher, 22 May 1642. AHN

The Puritans and the church courts in the Diocese of York, 1560-1642

Ronald Albert Marchant, 1960

Has Daniel Bushell as the incumbent of Aughton c. 1635-1644

    There was no minister in 1650, and the vicarage was vacant during the visitation of 1663.
1666 Thomas Kether or Keeder Omnia fert tellus pariter petit omnia tellus, Thomas Kether, Vicarius de Aughton, Aetate ejus 30. Appears in the marriage register for 1672. AHN.
Was the incumbent at the Archdeacon’s Visitation in 1680 and 1681

Thomas Kether was adm sizar at Trinity, Cambridge, 9 Jun 1656, of Yorkshire, perhaps Wheldrake. He witnessed several deeds in the Bubwith area 1656-1658, e.g. DRA/5 and DDJ/3/11 at Hull History Centre.
1689 Robert Blakey Presented by the King to the vicarage and one mediety of Bubwith. ASM
1689 George Ellison Said to be by the Lord Castleton. ASM
1755 James Cookson Vicar. Died 22 Aug 1785 and was buried at Aughton, 24th. AHN
1786 William Deans The Clerical Guide, 1836.
Notice of his death, at Cottingham, was given in the Blackburn Standard, 14 Feb 1838.
1813 George Ion 20 April 1813, Vicar. AHN.
However, the AHN reference is almost certainly wrong, as Ion is described as ‘curate’ in the Archdeacons’ Visitations of 1790-1814, and William Deans was vicar 1790-1837
1838 John Earle jun The Clergy List, 1850. Patron: T. Mosley esq.
On Monday, at Lucan, Dublin, the Lady of the Rev John Earle, vicar of Aughton, of a daughter – The Hull Packet, 17 Feb 1843
    On Monday, at Lucan, Dublin, the Lady of the Rev John Earle, vicar of Aughton, of a daughter – The Hull Packet, 17 Feb 1843.
Died 7 Feb 1852: At the college Maidstone, Kent, aged 38, the Rev John Earle, M.A., headmaster, vicar of Aughton – Hull Packet, 13 Feb 1852.
It is apparent from this notice that John Earle was non-resident. The Yorkshire Gazette dated 30 Nov 1850 gives George Webb as curate of Aughton.
1852 George M. Webb George Webb was curate from at least Nov 1850. In Feb 1852 John Earle the vicar died. Webb was described as Vicar of Aughton in an advertisement in the Leeds Intelligencer for private pupils in his home, dated 19 Jun 1852.
On 17th March 1860 Webb’s furniture was offered for sale in the Yorkshire Gazette, ‘in the premises occupied by the Rev. G. M. Webb.’
A Leeds Times article of 11th Feb 1860 informs the reader that the Rev J. Harrison of Great Horton and the Rev. G. M. Webb of Aughton are to exchange livings, effective next month.
1860 J. Harrison The Clergy List, 1869. Patron: A. J. Fletcher esq.
1871 Robert Simpson The Clergy List, 1872. Patron: A. J. Fletcher esq.
    Patron from 1900, J. B. Newsome
1898 H. H. Shaw AHN
1914 George Harvey The Clergy List, 1915. Patron: T. H. Newsome esq.
On the 27th December, 1919, in the schoolroom at Aughton, the parishioners met to wish Mr and Mrs Harvey a happy future [Mr. Harvey having been appointed to the living of Zennor]. Mr Nutt of Aughton Hall made a presentation.
    George Harvey was not replaced as Vicar of Aughton, and from 1921 onwards the living was merged with that of Ellerton. For incumbents from 1921 see the list of clergy for Ellerton at The patronage of the merged living was now made alternatively between the former patrons of Aughton and Ellerton.

1592 Thomas Roberts LPL, CM XII/9, Clerical Survey. CCEd
1703 William Dunn Was the curate at the Archdeacon’s Visitations in 1703-1707
1707 William Storr William Store entred Vicar of Aughton Mich: A.D. 1707 (Parish Registers, vol 2 page 40)
Curate of Aughton from 1707. ASM.
Occurs as curate in the Archdeacon’s Visitations of 1711-1718.
Described as Vicar of Aughton in the parish register of Huggate, 26 March 1722.
Described as Vicar of Aughton and Ellerton in 1731. AHN
Died at Pocklington, 25 Jan 1746/7, and buried at Aughton. AHN
Died at Pocklington, 25 Jan 1746/7, and buried at Aughton. AHN
1744 William Store William Store of Aughton, clerk, married Ann Holborn of the same, by Lic, York Minster, 28 Oct 1748. He was the eldest son of the Rev. William Store sen, Vicar of Aughton. Ordained Deacon 1 Jun 1735, priest 19 Dec 1736, admitted to the curacies of Aughton and East Cottingwith 17 Oct 1744, and the curacy of Ellerton 11 Aug 1748. He was buried 6 March 1753. AHN citing the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol III, page 119.
1754 John Simpson AHN
1754 Samuel Hudson AHN
1755 Francis Cooper AHN
1755 Lancelot Godmond AHN
1756 William Brook Officiating Minister. Also appears up to 1762. AHN
1787 George Ion AHN
1792 John Mirehouse Assistant Curate. Also appears in 1793 as an Assistant Curate. AHN
1798 George Ion Vicar of Bubwith and Curate of Aughton. AHN.
Occurs as curate in the Archdeacons’ Visitations of 1790-1814
1798 George Lawton Also appears in 1799 as an Assistant Curate, and again in 1800 as Curate. AHN
1801 Roger Steele Assistant Curate. Also appears in 1802 and 1803. AHN
1804 John Earle Officiating Minister. Also appears in 1805 and 1806. In 1807 he appears as Curate. AHN
1809 Thomas Wharton Also appears in 1810 and 1811. AHN
1821 John Ion 13 Mar 1821, Curate, also in 1823 and 1824. He was Vicar of Hemingbrough in 1825. AHN
1825 Samuel William Hall Curate May 1825 and May 1826. AHN; License by Archbishop of York 19 Dec 1824, deacon by same the same day. Exhibit Book for 1817, fol. 66.
1826 Richard Thompson Also appears in 1827. AHN.
Also appears in the Archdeacon’s Visitation of 1828
1829 Thos W. Davison Curate Feb 1829. AHN.
In the Archdeacon’s Visitation of 1829 his name is scored through, with ‘dead’ written beside it.
1829 George Cowell Curate 17 Oct 1829. Appears again in 1835. AHN
1836 William Oliver Dupré 1836-1837. AHN.
The Archdeacon’s Visitations of 1836 and 1837 give his name as William Duncombe Duprés.
1842 John H. Greenwood Curate 1842-1845. AHN
1845-46 R. H. Deire AHN
1846-48 John Earle AHN
1848-52 George M. Webb Described as Curate of Aughton in the Yorkshire Gazette, dated 30 Nov 1850. Curate 1848-1852. AHN
1860-1871 John Harrison AHN
1871-1898 Robert Simpson AHN
1898-1911 Herbert Hyde Shaw AHN
1911 Ernest Inman AHN

East Cottingwith 

As East Cottingwith was a chapelry to Aughton there are no separate published or unpublished lists of officiating clergymen.

However, on inspection of the Archdeacons’ Visitation Returns from 1680-1814, the curate of Aughton always acted as the curate of East Cottingwith, and when Aughton only had a vicar, then the vicar was also curate of East Cottingwith. There was no clergyman listed in the Archdeacons’ Visitations for 1815-1840. 

Prior to 1680 there is very little data, what we do know is this:

1525: Henry Wilkynson was listed as the chaplain and curate of Estcottingwith in the clerical tax of Feb 1525/6 

State Papers 17 Hen VIII, vol iv, Part i, no. 2001, and printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XXIV, (part 93), pages 62-80

1649: During the Parliamentary Survey the Commissioners noted that the cure was supplied by Mr. Todd, who received seven pounds yearly, payed by the inhabitants as a salary.


AHN – Aughton Historical Notes. These notes, held in the Borthwick under reference PR.Aug.72, consist of the correspondence of the Vicar of Aughton, Ernest Inman, between 1911 and 1913, who was attempting to compile a list of clerymen of Aughton. He wrote to the Rev. Arthur Gill, the Vicar of Weighton, who supplied lists of Aughton clergy from the Torres manuscripts at York Minster Archives, and to G. J. Usherwood, an an antiquarian of Sheffield, who researched the parish registers of Aughton for the names of the officiating ministers for marriages performed there, and Aughton clergy references from Howden and York Minster, and the publications of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society. 

ASM - Archbishop Sharp’s Manuscripts, a survey of the parishes in the York Diocese compiled by Sharp, circa 1694-1700, and held in the Borthwick under reference Bp.Dio.2. The entry for Aughton is in Volume 3, under the East Riding section, page 19. 

CAER – The Clergy of the Archdeaconry of the East Riding, N. A. H. Lawrence, unpublished mss (intended to be published in the Fasti Parochiales series), held in the Borthwick under reference Add.Mss 152-5.

CCEd – Clergy of the Church of England database, an online database launched in 1999 and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.