Subsidy: 1600

This East Riding piece is evidently a collection of documents relating to the third of the three subsidies granted to Elizabeth I in 1597.

The heading of rot 1 is rather faded, but it is explicitly a certificate of assessment and individual assessment for the wapentake of Howdenshire. The document is dated at Howden in September 1600 (the day has faded) and was delivered into the Exchequer on 29 October 1600. Rotulet 2 is the equivalent document for the town of Beverley, being dated there on 20 August 1600, and was delivered on 4 November. Rotulet 3 relates to Ouse and Derwent wapentake, was dated at Skipwith on 2 September 1600, and was delivered on 29 October. The remaining six rotulets relate to the wapentake of Harthill, and were also delivered into the Exchequer on 29 October 1600. Rots 4-5 contain the certificate of assessment for the entire wapentake, dated at Market Weighton on 28 August 1600, and the beginning of the assessment for Hunsley Beacon division. Rots 6-7 contain the assessment for Bainton Beacon division, while rots 8 and 9 (the only two rotulets to be written on both sides) contain the assessments for Wilton Beacon and Holme Beacon divisions respectively. The assessments for the four divisions appear to have been compiled in two pairs (the Wilton and Holme Beacon assessments are physically very different from the other two), but were presumably combined before being sent to the Exchequer.

The various documents were clearly compiled separately, and later joined together at the Exchequer for administrative convenience. Although three of the four documents were delivered to the Exchequer on the same day (29 October 1600) by the same man (Hugh Bethell, one of the commissioners), the appearance of the Beverley document (delivered separately, six days later) in the middle of the piece, and the separate delivery dates, indicates that they arrived at the Exchequer as individual documents.

Lay Subsidy, 20 Aug x 2 Sep 1600


Peter Blanshard in bonis

East Cottingwith

John Lutton in bonis

John Flygge in bonis

Richard Pearson in bonis

Richard Williamson in bonis

Latham and Foggathorpe

William Bethell in bonis

John Hinsley in bonis

Thomas Hinsley in bonis