The following are occurrences of Aughton folk who have turned up in the parish registers of other parishes throughout Yorkshire, and even further afield. Just during a first pass of the printed registers available in the Internet Archive over 200 events were found involving Aughton folk.

Of particular importance is Howden. It appears that Howden was a popular church to get married in for people from surrounding parishes, and we find a considerable number of Aughton parishioners who elected to be married there. Considering that the Howden Parish Registers began in 1542 while those in Aughton in 1610, then it is fortunate indeed to find so many events in the earlier registers of Howden.

Please let me know if you find any others.

Parish Type dd mm yyyy Detail
Howden Mar 08 06 1612 Thomas Allen of Aughton & An Berdon
Howden Mar 29 01 1655 Peter Wilson of Rudhings in the parish of Aughton, yeoman, and Isabell Langton of Kilpin, widow, married at Saltmarsh by Phillip Saltmarsh, according to an Act of Parliament, in presence of Robert Crowsey of Scalby and Robert Bickerdike of Holden
Howden Chr 15 08 1631 Judith d. to John Halley of Cottingwith
Howden Mar 14 11 1654 John Yong of Barmby, yeoman & Mary Rotherford of East Cottingwith in the parish of Aughton, spinster, was married at Hagthorpe by Charles Fenwick, According to an Act of Parliament, present Wm. Smythe & Thomas Spender of Barmby & others
Howden Bur 01 10 1565 Isabell wife to John Wright of Aughton
Howden Mar 03 10 1671 Richard Ask of Haughton & Elizabeth Thorpe of Howden
Howden Mar 18 06 1696 Peter Collom of Aughton & Ann Skelton of Howden
Howden Bur 20 08 1631 Judith d. to John Halley of Cottingwith
Howden Bur 03 11 1616 Eliz. d. to Wm. Newton of Latham
Howden Mar 26 04 1704 Thomas Williamson of East Cottingwith & Jane Peart of Laxton
Howden Mar 13 06 1708 John Thompson of Saltmarsh & Kath. Dawson of Latham
Howden Mar 30 05 1721 Mr. John Hindesley of Latham & Mrs Catherine Athorp of Howden
Howden Mar 07 11 1738 George Tuby of Aughton & Catherine Dudding of Thorp
Howden Mar 10 05 1770 Arthur Chappel, cordwainer, otp, & Ruth Wilson of Aughton, sp. Witnesses: Martin Slingsby, John Tyas
Howden Mar 18 02 1727 Leonard Thorp of Howden & Eliz. Welles of Cottingworth
Howden Mar 26 11 1768 John Burton of Cottingwith, waterman & Mary North, otp, sp., lic., Witnesses: Michael Lamb, Mark Nutbrown
Howden Mar 18 06 1753 George Clark of Latham & Ann Todd of Barmby
Huggate Mar 26 03 1722 William Marrit of Spaldinton in the Parish of Aughton & Anne Kirby of the Parish of Huggate. By Robert Luck Rector by Banns three times published and certifyed by William Store Vicar of Aughton.
York Minster Mar 26 07 1698 Richard Keder, of East Cottingwith, & Mary Hodgson, of the same.
York Minster Mar 22 12 1686 Peter Fawcett, of East Cottingwith, & Jane Thurnley, of Shipton.
York Minster Mar 12 01 1724 James Brabbs, of ye par. of Bubwith, & Elizabeth Hindesley, of ye par. of Aughton
York Minster Mar 26 01 1733 William Wilkinson, of Aughton, and Elizabeth Tindall, of Millington
York Minster Mar 28 04 1744 Henry Brown, of the par. of Aughton, & Susannah Cowpland, of the same. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 27 12 1746 Wm. Morley, of Rawcliffe, in ye par. of Snaith, & Anne Gibson, of ye par. of Aughton. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 26 03 1747 John Long & Mary Barker, both of ye par. of Aughton. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 18 01 1747 John Nelson, of Laytham, in ye par. of Aughton, & Prudence Hugill, of the same place.
York Minster Mar 28 10 1748 William Store, of Aughton, clerk, & Ann Holborn, of the same, spinster. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 06 10 1748 Joseph Halfpenny, of the par. of Loundsbrougb, and Mary Gibson, of the city of York. (Lic.) Note: In the license Mary is described as ‘of the parish of Aughton’.
York Minster Mar 28 11 1751 Thomas Stephenson & Elizabeth Cooke, both of Cottingwith. (Lic.)