Faculty Books

The Diocesan Faculty Books are held by the Borthwick, and were registers of applications for the changing of a the fabric of a church, such as for the installation of new pews, extensions, repairs to the roof, etc. ( including the granting or denial of permission); and for sequestrations (the act of taking a parish church into the custody of the churchwardens upon the death of the incumbent and managing it until the new incumbent took over), and the relaxation (cancellation) of sequestration orders. However, the early registers not only include faculties, sequestrations and relaxation orders, but also licences for parish clerks, schoolmasters, surgeons and midwives, commissions for granting marriage licences, caveats and dissenters' meeting-house certificates (these entries can be found under Nonconformity in the History section of the website).

Fac.Bk 1 (1737-1768)


Fol 67 (1 May 1742). A license to George Young of Aughton, a literate person, as parish clerk upon the nomination of Wm Store, clerk, Minister of Aughton.

Fac.Bk 2 (1768-1793)


Fol 342 (24 Aug 1785). Void by the death of Rev. James Cookson, directed George Young and George Hemingbrough, chapelwardens, to receive the profits for the use of the next incumbent.

East Cottingwith
Fol 313 (24 Apr 1784). The Official Principal, at the promotion of John Dudding and Nicholas Blanshard, chapelwardens of the Chapelry of East Cottingwith, have issued a citation to all the inhabitants of East Cottingwith in the Consistory Place [The Consistory Court within York Minster] to show why a license should not be granted to take away the remains of the old chapel and on the same site to erect a new chapel, and none coming issued the said license.

Fol 364 (28 Oct 1786). Commission to allot pews: Vicar general to John Cross, William Whitaker, Robert Brown, and John Dudding, gents, greetings: at the promotion of John Dudding and Nicholas Blanshard, chapelwardens, assign and allot the pews in the chapel of East Cottingwith.

Fol 379 (8 Mar 1787). Caveat against the confirmation of the allocation of pews until Robert Nottingham and Thomas Weddall, gents, be first called.

Fac.Bk 3 (1793-1816)


Fac.Bk 4 (1816-1858)

Fol 398 (2 Feb 1838). Sequestration directed to Robert Wilkinson and John Vause, churchwardens.