Subsidy: 1597

Parliament opened on 24 October 1597, and on 16 December granted three subsidies to be paid in three equal annual instalments. On the same day six fifteenths and tenths were voted.

Individuals (and corporations) paid 2s.8d. per pound for moveable goods worth £3 or more, and 4s. per pound for land worth 20s. or more. Aliens paid double these rates, and if they had no taxable assets, paid an 8d. per head poll tax for each subsidy.

Assessments were to be made by 1 October annually (1598-1600); certification was to be at the Exchequer by 1 November (1598-1600); and payment was due by 12 February (1599-1601). Books of the collectors' interim accounts and a list of commissioners for the levy of these subsidies survives in E 179/282.

This East Riding document is explicitly a certificate of assessment and individual assessment for the four divisions of the wapentake of Harthill for the first of the three subsidies granted to Elizabeth I in 1597.

The document is dated 20 Sept  1598.

Lay Subsidy, 20 Sep 1597


William Bethel in bonis

Peter Blanshard in bonis

East Cottingwith

John Hutton in bonis

John Fligg in bonis

Richard Pewson in bonis

Richard Williamson in bonis

Latham and Foggathorpe

John Hyndsley in bonis

Robert Hyndsley in bonis

John Hyndsley in bonis