Subsidy: 1572

Parliament opened on 2 April 1571, and on 15 May the commons granted a subsidy over two years. On the same day they granted two fifteenths and tenths.

On moveable goods, individuals (and corporations) with goods worth £3 or more paid 20d. per pound for the first payment, and 12d. per pound for the second. The minimum threshold of liability for income from land was 20s., above which native-born individuals were assessed to pay 2s.8d. per pound for the first payment and 16d. per pound for the second. Aliens paid double these rates, and if they were not liable in either category, they were forced to pay a poll tax of 4d. per head per payment.

The first payment was to be assessed by 20 September 1571, certified at the Exchequer by 20 October 1571 and paid by 20 November 1571; the second was to be assessed by 20 September 1572, certified by 20 October 1572 and paid by 20 November 1572. A book of interim accounts of the collectors of the second payment of this subsidy is in E 179/282.

This East Riding piece explicitly consists of a number of documents relating to the second collection of the subsidy granted to Elizabeth I in 1571. Holme Beacon appears on rots 9 and 9d.

Lay Subsidy, 29 Aug 1572


Robert Aske in terries

Robert Hesslewood in bonis

East Cottingwith

R Hyndsley in bonis

Robert Stabler in bonis

Latham and Foggathorpe

John Hyndsley in bonis

Robert Riche in bonis