Post Office Directory of North and East Ridings of Yorkshire with the City of York: 1872

BUBWITH is a large village, township and parish, with two stations on the Selby and Market Weighton Railway, in the liberty of St. Peter, Howden Union, and county court district, Holme Beacon division of Harthill Wapentake, Market Weighton rural deanery, East Riding archdeaconry, and diocese of York; it is situated 6 miles north-west from Howden, 14 south-east from York, and from Selby, 6¼ by rail, 7½ by road; it is situate upon the east side of the river Derwent, and has a spacious wharf. This parish contains the following six townships; viz., Breighton with Gunby, Foggathorpe, Gribthorpe, Willitoft, Harlethorpe, and Spaldington. In 1798 a handsome bridge of 10 arches was built over the Derwent, connecting this place with the township of North Duffield, on the high road to Selby, at an outlay of about £2,000. There are two railways stations; the old Bubwith station, a quarter of a mile from the village, and the Highfield station 1¼  mile east. The church of All Saints is a large and handsome stone building, standing on an eminence, and has a square embattled tower and 3 bells; it comprises three aisles, nave, and chancel, and contains a handsome font, which was presented by the Venerable Archdeacon Long, and many handsome mural monuments and helmets, &c., belonging to the Vavasour family. The register dates from the year 1623. The living is a vicarage, worth £300, in the gift of the Lord Chancellor and the Dean and Chapter of York, alternately, and held by the Rev. William Wilkinson, B. A., of Trinity College, Dublin. A handsome vicarage house was erected in 1871, the cost of which was defrayed by a grant from the Ecclesiastical Commissioners. There are chapels for Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists; the former was built in 1796 and enlarged in 1870; the latter was erected in 1862. There are several charities. Nicholas de Bubwith, Bishop of Bath and Wells, was born here.  B. Stourton, esq., is Lord of the manor. The principal landowners are the Rev. J. D. Jefferson, T. M. Weddall, E. Weddall, T. Clarke, and W. Chaplin, esqrs. The soil is good, consisting partly of sand and partly of clay, the subsoil is clay. The chief crops are wheat, oats, barley and potatoes.  The population of the township, in 1861 was 554; in 1871 was 573; the acreage is 1,459; gross estimated rental, £3,312; and rateable value, £2,971. The area of the entire parish is 10,154 acres, and the population in 1861 was 1,453; in 1871 it ws 1,374.
Parish Clerk, George Smith.

POST & MONEY ORDER OFFICE, Post Office Savings Bank & Telegraph Office. --Robert Boldan, postmaster. Letters are received through Selby, by rail, at 7.35 a.m.; dispatched at 6.20 p.m. On sundays there is no delivery or dispatch.
Bubwith Station, Timothy Glennan, station master
Highfield Station, Charles Maltby, station master
CARRIERS:- James Brabbs to York, saturday; George Cawkill to Selby, monday; to Howden, saturday.

BREIGHTON is a township and village in Bubwith parish, 5 miles north-west  of Howden, and 1 mile south of Bubwith station. Here is a Wesleyan chapel built in 1864; also a Dame's school, and a brick and tile yard, in the occupation of the lords of the manor. The soil is generally light; subsoil clay and good. The chief crops are wheat, barley, oats and potatoes. Messrs. Henry Liversidge, William Liversidge, and Thomas Liversidge, of Selby, in the West Riding, are the lords of the manor, and the principal landowners. There are only two other small owners, viz., J. Mallinson Keir, esq., and Mr. William Scaife. The acreage is 1,388A. 2R. 25P.; the rateable value is £1,536; and the population in 1871 was 247. -- Letters through Howden by footpost, returning at 3 p.m. Daily, except sundays. The nearest money order office is at Bubwith.

GUNBY was presented by William the Norman to Gilbert Tison, his standard bearer, who took the name of De Gunneby, and whose posterity lived here for many generations; it is now in the possession of  Jonathan Burtt, esq. Letters for Gunby, through Selby, via Bubwith.

FOGGATHORPE is a village and township, with station on the Selby and Market Weighton branch, in the parish of Bubwith, from which township it is distant 3 miles east, 7 north from Howden, and 10 east from Selby. Here is a chapel for the Wesleyans. Bricks and drain pipes are manufactured here. At the time of William the Norman this place was presented to his standard-bearer, and was then denominated Fulcathorpe. T. Blackburn, esq., is lord of the manor, and with T. H. Preston, Schoolscroft Burton, T. Clarke, W. Jewitt, and Manoah Rhodes esqrs., are the principal landowners. The soil is stiff; subsoil clay. The chief crops are wheat, beans and oats. The population in 1861 was 128; and in 1871 it was 110; the acreage is 1,269; gross estimated rental, £1,866; rateable value, £1,687. -- Letters through Howden by foot post. Letter box cleared daily at 3.30 p.m. except Sunday. The nearest money order offices are at Bubwith and Holme-on-Spalding Moor.
Railway Station, Thomas Johnson, station master.

GRIBTHORPE is a township, in Bubwith parish, distant 5 miles north from Howden, and 1½ south from Foggathorpe station. Lord Leconfield is lord of the manor and sole landowner. The soil is strong clay; subsoil, clay. The chief crops are wheat, oats, beans and barley. The area is 875 acres; assessed acreage 849; gross estimated rental, £934; and rateable value, £860; and the population in 1861 was 41; and in 1871 it was 31. -- Letters through Howden by foot post, daily, except Sunday. The nearest money order offices are at Bubwith and Holme-on-Spalding Moor.

WILLITOFT is a township in Bubwith parish, 1 mile west from Gribthorpe, and 4 miles south-east from Bubwith: it was formerly the residence of the Vavasour family. There was formerly a chapel here. William Green, esq., is lord of the manor and sole landowner. The area is 855 acres; the rateable value £764; and the population in 1861 was 61, and in 1871 it was 49. -- Letters through Howden by foot post, daily, except Sunday. The nearest money order office is at Bubwith.

HARLTHORPE is a township of Bubwith, 1½ miles east. The Rev. Joseph D. Jefferson is lord of the manor and principal landowner. The soil is strong clay; subsoil, clay. The chief crops are wheat, oats and beans. The acreage is 708 acres; gross estimated rental, £1,034; rateable value, £859; and the population in 1861 was 99; and in 1871 it was 85. -- Letters through Selby, delivered from Bubwith three days a week. The nearest money order office is at Bubwith.

SPALDINGTON is a village and township of Bubwith, from which it is distant 4½ miles south-east, and 4 north from Howden. The remains of a chapel, which formerly stood here, are still traceable. Here is a chapel in which the Church of England service is read, and it is also used by the Wesleyans. Lord Londesborough and J. E. Pickersgill Cunliffe are chief landowners. The chief crops are wheat, oats, beans, and potatoes. The soil is part sand and part clay; subsoil, clay. The population in 1861 was 363, and in 1871 it was 279; the acreage is 3,710; gross estimated rental, £4,641; and rateable value, £4,131.

POST OFFICE. -- Joseph Hunter, receiver. Letters arrive by foot post from Howden at 8 a.m.; dispatched at 4.45 p.m., except sundays. The nearest money order offices are at Bubwith & Howden.
Schools, George Cook, master.
CARRIER TO HOWDEN. -- George Drury, on Saturday.

Bitton John
Brown John
Caley James Wm. L.R.C.P. & M.R.C.S
Chaplin William James
Clegg Abraham
Eland John Seaton
Hepton Edward
Hepton John
Jewitt William
Morley Joseph
Musgrave Miss
Newstead Mrs
Powell Joseph
Smith George
Taylor Robert, Highfield
Wilkinson Rev. Wm. Geo. B. A. Vicarage

Ask Robert, joiner & wheelwright
Blanshard Richd. Raimes, wine & spirit merchant, brewer & malster
Boldam Robert, grocer & genl. draper &c
Bramley Chas., Cross Keys, Highfield
Brownbridge Cass, farmer
Brownbridge Richard, shoe maker
Caley James Wm. L.R.C.P. & M.R.C.S surgeon & registrar of births & deaths
Christie Thomas, day school
Clough William, linen draper & grocer
Coldwell Joseph, shoe maker
Dove William, bricklayer
Elton John, clock maker
Gilyead John, tailor & woollen draper
Gleadow Joseph, pig jobber
Gowthorpe John, mkt. gdnr. Highfield
Green Thomas, huckster
Harrison James & Son, linen drapers & grocers
Harrison Thomas, farmer
Hesp Thomas, New Inn
Holt Robert, Queen's Arms, Highfield
Howdle William Idle, miller, Highfield
Ibbotson John, farmer
Palmer Mary (Mrs.) coal dealer
Patrick John Pashby, grocer
Pratt Thomas, farmer
Reed James, bricklayer
Richardson George, saddler
Ross John, plumber & tin plate worker
Rucklidge Ann, (Mrs.), day school
Rucklidge William, farmer
Rusby George, miller
Sherburn Joseph, shoe maker, Highfield
Simpson James, farmer, Highfield
Smith George, shoe maker
Smith Wm. Halifax, farmer, Highfield
Sweeting William, butcher
Taylor George, farmer
Thompson Charles, shoe maker
Thompson William, wheelwright & agricultural implement maker
Turner John, fellmonger
Turner Robert, White Swan, & butcher
Turner Thomas, shopkeeper
Watson Wm. Anchor, & coal dealer
Whitaker Saml. road surveyor, Highfield
Wilson Wm. Fredk. farrier, Highfield

Scaife William

Buttle Thomas, Half Moon
Calvert Spink, farmer
Fletcher William, farmer
Hepton Alfred, farmer
Howden Edward, blacksmith
Howden Richard, cowkeeper
Hutchinson William, farmer, Gunby
Jagger Thomas, farmer
Levitt Richard, farmer
Richardson Benjamin, farmer, Waterloo
Richardson Joseph, farmer
Sykes Thomas, farmer
Ward Luke, wheelwright &c
Ward William, farmer

Boast Thos. farmer, Foggathorpe house
Clarkson Mary Ann (Mrs.), farmer
Hutchinson Miles, Black Swan
Knapton Robert, farmer
Perkins George, blacksmith
Pick William Edwd. farmer, Hall farm
Raney Thomas, shopkeeper &c
Sargison Joseph, wheelwright & joiner
Townsley Wm. brick & drain pipe maker
Vickers William, farmer, Grange farm
Ward William, farmer

Hill James, farmer
Jenkinson Edward, farmer
Taylor Robert, farmer

Breighton Thomas, shoe maker
Gawthorpe Isaac, farmer
Gawthorpe James, farmer
Glew George, farmer
Glew John, farmer
Laverack Thomas, farmer
Ripley Margaret (Mrs.), farmer
Swinden John, shopkeeper

Allcock John, farmer, Outsides
Ask Thomas, wheelwright &c
Boast Charles, farmer
Cook Thomas, Plough
Croft John, blacksmith
Dowson Richard, shoe maker
Franks George, farmer
Gelder Edward, farmer, Outsides
Gibson Richard, farmer, Outsides
Graves John, farmer, Outsides
Green George, farmer
Harrison James, miller
Harrison Thomas, farmer
Hunter Joseph, shopkeeper
Laverack George, farmer
McNeil Robert, farmer, Outsides
Nut Richard, farmer, Sykes house
Precious John, farmer
Steeper John, farmer
Sykes Richard, farmer
Thompson Jsph. farmer, Mount Pleasant
Ward Thomas, farmer & road surveyor
Wiles Robert, tailor

Bramley William, farmer
Drinkall William, farmer
Hodgson John, farmer
Purdon John, farmer