Nominations for Licenses

Various classes of people needed a license from the Archbishop to practice their calling. These included:

Stipendary Curates [17th - 20th centuries]

Lecturers [17th - 20th centuries]

Schoolmasters [17th - 19th centuries]

Parish Clerks [17th - 19th centuries]

Midwives [17th - 18th centuries]

Surgeons [17th - 18th centuries]

As part of the process for obtaining a license, nominations and letters testimonial were usually required, and these have survived in the diocesan archives held by the Borthwick Institute.

These files of nominations have been checked, and the following found for the parish:


Frances Grasby, Midwife, 25 Oct 1727, Ref: Nom.M 1727/9. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.1935

Frances Grasby, Midwife, 29 Oct 1727, Ref: Nom.M 1727/10. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.1943

William Mannerds, Parish Clerk, 5 Apr 1684, Ref: Nom.PC 1684/1. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.428

John Maynerd, Parish Clerk, 22 Mar 1711/12, Ref: Nom.PC 1711/17. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.1755

Thomas Ask, Parish Clerk, 29 Nov 1781, Ref: Nom.PC 1781/13.

Thomas Ross, Parish Clerk, 15 Jun 1825, Ref: Nom.PC 1825/2. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.2856

Edward Barrett, Stipendiary Curate, 28 Jan 1662/2, Ref: D/C.Nom 1662/2

John Faber, Schoolmaster, Apr 1698, patron - Timothy Jackson, vicar, Ref: Nom.SM 1698/1. See also Ref: ev-R.IV.N.443


Ann Beelby, Midwife, 7 Jun 1686, Ref: D/C.Nom 1686/2