Field Names: Bubwith

From the enclosure award of 1837:

10 Acre Closes Far Field High Field Mill Close Philip Garth
Allotment on Common Fog Garth House Close Narrow Garth Ridsdale Garth
Allotment on Counterfleets Garth Ings New Close Savage Close
Burtles (rough ground) Great Marsh Intake Field New Moor Lands Three Cornered Close
Counter Fleets Harlethorpe Green Ley Field Nine Acres Close West Field (great end)
Cuckoo Nest Close Harlethorpe Leys Little Field North Croft + cow pasture West Field (little end)
Dyon Harry Garth Little Marsh North Field Wood Close
East Field + Long Layers Hazle Bush Closes Long Garth Orchard Close Wood Close

Collection of notes and letters relating to Yorkshire dialect, folk - lore and field names, Rev. M.C.F. Morris, notebooks at the East Riding Archives in Beverley, Ref: DX/21/1