History, Gazetteer, and Directory of the East and North Ridings of Yorkshire: William White, 1840

BUBWITH, on the east bank of the river Derwent, 6 miles N. by W. of Howden, where there is a good bridge and a wharf, is a village and township, containing 461 souls, and 1,420 acres of fertile land, partly in the liberty of St. Peter. The Hon. Philip Stourton is lord of the manor, but the soil belongs to various freeholders, and at the enclosure of 1832, land was allotted in lieu of tithes. A corn market, held every Wednesday, was established here about three years ago. The bridge, which has three large and seven small arches, was built in 1798, at the cost of about £2,000 raised in £40 shares, now worth £45 each. The parish of Bubwith also comprises the six following townships. The Church (All Saints), stands on a bold acclivity above the river, and is a neat structure, which was thoroughly repaired and beautified in 1792. An elegant pierced screen of wainscot. erected in 1781, divides the nave and chancel, and on the walls are several ancient helmets and mantlings of the Vavasours of Melbourn. The vicarage is in two medieties, valued in K. B. at £7 2s. 6d., and £8 0s. 5d., and now united and worth £102 per annum, being augmented with £400 of Q. A. B. in 1762 and '92. The Crown and the Dean and Chapter of York are patrons alternately, and appropriators, but the Crown tithes have been sold to the land owners. The Rev. John Wilkinson, B. A., is the vicar. In the village is a Wesleyan and also a Primitive Methodist Chapel. Here was born Nicholas de Bubwith, bishop of Baths and Wells, one of the English prelates that attended the council of Constance, when John Huss and Jerome of Prague were condemned to the flames, in 1415. The poor of the whole parish have 6 acres of land, left by James Turner, in 1714, and now let for £8, of which 10s. 6d. is paid for a sermon on Low Sunday. The poor of Bubwith township have 11 acres, left by one of the Hotham family, and an annuity of 3s. 4d. from Wood's charity.

BREIGHTON, a pleasant village, upon a bold acclivity on the east side of the Derwent, 5 miles N.N.W. of Howden, has in its township 204 inhabitants, and 2,030 acres, including the farms of Gunby and Waterloo. The Archbishop of York is lord of the manor, and owner of a great part of the soil, but the Earl of Harewood and the Dean and Chapter claim the great tithes. Gunby, was given by the Conqueror to his standard bearer, Gilbert Tison, whose posterity took the sirname of De Guneby, and resided for many generations in the old mansion house, which was taken down about 60 years ago.

Directory - Wm. Carr, Samuel Hall, Alfred Hepton, Thomas Houfe, Wm. Lumb, Wm. Martin, James Middlebrook, Jph. Morley, and Ann Simpson, farmers; John Brigham, vict. Ferry House; William Holmes & Chas Tomlinson, shopkeepers; Edw. Howden, blacksmith; Wm. Scaife, shoemaker; Mr. Lancelot Webster; John Williamson, wheelwright.

FOGGATHORPE, 6 miles N. of Howden, is a village and township with 128 souls, and 1,530 acres of land, belonging to Thomas Musgrave, Esq., and other owners. It was given by the Conqueror to his standard bearer, and is called in the Domesday book, Fulcathorpe. The Ackroyds had an ancient moated mansion here, but it was taken down in 1743. The Wesleyans have a small chapel in the village. Directory - John Dennis, wheelwright; Thomas Musgrave, Esq.; Thomas Pearson, shoemaker & vict. Black Swan; Jas. Youhill, blacksmith; Thomas Atkinson, John Botterill, John Hall, john Horsley, William Jewitt, and Charles Knapton, farmers; John Lightfoot, shopr. and carrier to Howden, Wednesday, and York, Saturday.

GRIBTHORPE and WILLITOFT, are two neighbouring hamlets and townships, 5 miles N. of Howden, and contain together 108 souls, and 1,790 acres. Col. George Wyndham is owner and lord of the manor, of Gribthorpe, which is in three farms occupied by George & John Eland, and Wm. Penrose. Willitoft, 1 mile W. of Gribthorpe, was formerly a residence of the Vavasours, and now belongs to William Green, Esq. The farmers are Geo. Calvert, John Hodgson, John Reader, and Robert Stephenson.

HARLTHORPE, a small village and township, 6 miles N. of Howden, has only 105 inhabitants, and 720 acres, belonging to various freeholders, but the Dowager Lady Stourton is lady of the manor. Here is a small Wesleyan chapel. Directory - John Firth, shoemaker; Mark Greenwood, shopr.; John Pickard, wheelwright & vict. Red Lion; Gregory Hessle, Thos. Laverack, Wm. Massey, Wm. Mosley, and George Ripley, farmers.

SPALDINGTON, a small village, 4 miles N. of Howden, has in its township 352 inhabitants, and 3,385A 0R. 37P. of land on the south side of Spalding Moor, and the scattered village of Spaldington-Outside, on the Market Weighton Road, 4 miles N. by E. of Howden. The soil mostly belongs to Lord Howden, Sir H. M. Vavasour, and Mrs. Campbell. The hall, a fine old mansion in the Elizabethan style, long a seat of the Vavasours, was taken down in 1838. Here is a small ancient episcopal chapel, and one belonging to the Wesleyans.

Abram John, excise officer
Aske Thomas, road surveyor
Brownbridge John, cattle dealer
Dudding Mr. Benj
Eland Mrs. My.
Hepton Mr. Edw.
Hunter T. grdnr
Johnson Mr. Geo.
Long Miss Eliz.
Newstead Geo. surgeon and registrar
Parkinson W. brick mkr. & coal mert
Pratt James, wheelwright, &c.
Ross Thomas, schoolmaster
Stogdale Wm., corn & flour dealer
Vause Thos. coal & lime merchant
Wilkinson Rev. John B. A. vicar

Anchor, William Watson
Board, Elizabeth Hepton
Cross Keys, Eliz. Lawton, Howden rd
New Inn, Frederick Crow
Queen's Head, Jph. Patrick, High fd
White Swan, Charles Routledge

Leckonby George
Wilson Andrew

Boot & Shoe mkrs
Richardson Php
Thompson Chas.

Dove John
Hord George
Reed James

Brownbridge Wm.
Cawkill John
Halley George
Newham William

Corn Millers
Grundon Edward
Howden William

Blackey Rober
Blanchard Geo.
Gowthorpe James
Halley Benjamin
Harrison John
Richardson Geo.
Richardson Wm.
Ruckliedge Wm.
Scruton Richard
Simpson Samuel
Smith Thomas
Turner Rachael

Grocers & Dprs.
Russell William
Smith George
Smith John
Wilks William

Plumbers & Glzrs.
Dudding John
Ross John

Sanderson George
Turner Thomas

Tailors & Drapers
Bramley George
Caukill John
Caukill J. jun

Coach to Selby at ½ past 2 aft. & to Scarboro' ½ past 11 mg.

John Brabbs, to York, Sat., & Howden, Tues.