Tithes: Foggathorpe

Commonwealth Survey of 1651

During the Commonwealth Survey held at Beverley on the 25 November 1651, it was reported by the Commissioners that the tythes of Bubwith, Harlethorpe, Gribthorpe and Foggathorpe are the inheritance of Mr. John Arrys and the heirs of Mr. Thomas Doleman and were worth in total one hundred and ten pounds yearly. 

Lambeth Palace Library, COMM XIIa/17, pages 366-7.

Foggathorpe Tithe Payers, 1723

John Brown; Barnett Clarkson; Marmaduke Guy; William Hall; William Holiday; Thomas Johnson; George Sanderson; John Tate

Tithe Corn Paid, 1726

John Brown; Barnabus Clarkson; John Gell; Duke Guy; William Hall; William Holyday; Thomas Johnson; George Sanderson; John Tate

Abstract of Title of Bernard Clarkson: moiety of the tithes of a farm at Foggathorpe 1696-1790

Hull History Centre, Ref: DRA/722 (abbreviated details here) 

21 Jan 1696

Ind of a release for a year between Wm Skelton of Bubwith, gent of the 1st part

James Turner, then of Foggathorpe , yeoman, of the 2nd part.


Consideration £190


All the tithes of corn and hay, hemp, lamb and all other tithes great and small of Foggathorpe, parcel of the Rectory of Bubwith, responsibility to repair 1/3 part of ¼ part of the quire or chancel of Bubwith church.


12 Apr 1714

Office copy of the will of James Turner whereby he gave the tithes of the grounds and tenements of Alice Bethell, gentlewoman, and Samuel Heather, gent, at Foggathorpe. Also gave the tithes of the grounds and tenements of Humphrey Robinson esq., and Richard Thwaite, gent, at Foggathorpe and of John Stephenson and George Blanshard at Gribthorpe and also the Church Flatts, to Barbara Turner; And also gave to his sister Jane the tithes of the lanes of Mr. Gee and Mrs Thompson at Foggathorpe, and of Alex Scott, George Horn, and Richard Granger at Gribthorpe.


25 + 26 Apr 1723

Ind Lease and Release Tripartite: John Brown, then of Foggathorpe, yeoman, and Barbara his wife, of the 1st part;

Thomas Wilkinson of Stockton in the county of York, yeoman and Jane his wife, of the 2nd part;

Seth Agar, then of Stockton, gent, of the 3rd part.


Reciting James Turner’s will, and as his sister Ann was dead, the said John Brown and his wife and Thomas Wilkinson and his wife, the said Barbara and Jane being the sisters and co-heirs of the said Ann, did in pursuance of an agreement for a partition therein recited convey to the said Seth Agar all the tithes of the said several townships of Foggathorpe and Gribthorpe whereof the said James Turner had died seized –


To hold to the uses following:


As to the tythes of John Brown’s own farm at Foggerthorpe and of the four other Farms there in the several tenures of Barnard Clarkson, Duke Guy, Wm Hallyday & Thos Johnson respectively and the tythes of four farms at Gribthorpe therein mentioned –


To the use of said Brown & wife for their lives  & the life of the longer liver of them – Remainder  To the use of the heirs of the body of the said Barbara by the said J. Brown begotten – Remainder  to the right heirs of the survivor of said J. Brown & wife for ever.


And as to the tythes of the several farms of George Saunderson, Wm Hall & John Tate at Foggerthorpe and of certain other farms at Gribthorpe – To the use of said Wilkinson & Jane his wife for their lives  & the life of the longer liver – Remainder to the use of the heirs of the body of Jane by said Thomas Wilkinson begotten – Remainder  to the right heirs of the survivor of said said Wilkinson & Jane for ever.


14 Apr 1744

Indenture between John Brown sen of Foggerthorpe and Barbara his wife, and John Brown jun of Foggerthorpe and Barbara his wife, of the one part; and Richard Worsop then of Howden of the other part.


Whereby party 1 granted and assigned to party 2 for £310 certain hereditaments at East Cottingwith and Storthwaite and all the tythes at Foggerthorpe in the tenures of Jonathan Fletcher, Barnard Clarkson, Ramsden Barnard esq., the heirs of Mrs Watson and Lancelot Driffield; for 1000 years with a proviso to be sold on payment of £310 & interest on the 14th April then next.


29 May 1758

Indenture between John Brown of Brintleys, yeoman & Barbara his wife of the one part; Robert Brown then of Ellerton, yeoman, and John Gibson then of Spallington, yeoman, of then other part.


Tythes of corn, hay, line and rape in Foggerthorpe & Gribthorpe


15 Aug 1758

Indentures of Lease and Release, the Release of five parts between –


Wm Brown of Howden, Cornfactor, eldest son and heir of the said John Brown, late of Brintleys deceased of the first part

Thomas Brown (another of his sons & sole executor & residuary legatee in his will) of the second part

James Brown (another of his sons & legatee in his will) & Eliz Brown one of his Daughters & legatee of the third part

The said Robert Brown and John Gibson of the fourth part

John Swan of York, merchant, of the fifth part.


Whereby after stating J Swann’s Purchase Article made with said J Brown & Wm Brown the 24th May 1758 for the purchase of their tythes at at Foggerthorpe for £800. The said Indenture of 29th May 1758 above And that J Brown by his will dated same day gave the residue of the purchase money for the said tythes after payment of the said mortgage unto his said son James & his daughters Eliz and Mary equally with benefit of survivorship. That the said R Worsop was dead & had made his will  appointed John Arthur & Herbert Ferreman executors and there was due to them for principal and interest the sum of £309 13s 3d which it was agreed should be deducted by said Swann out of the Purchase money and that the morgaged premises should be assigned to Christopher Bayles of Laxton gent, in trust.


And in consideration of £410 6s 9d


A moiety of the tythes great and small yearly arising from the several farms of Michael Clarkson, John Brown, Ramsden Barnard, the said John Swann & Simon Jewitt at Foggerthorpe


15 Aug 1758

An Indenture of five parts between -

Said John Arthur & Herbert Ferreman of the first part

Said John Swann of the second part

Barbara Brown the widow and relict of the said John Brown late of Brintleys dec. of the third part

Said Thos Brown one of his devisees of the fourth part

and the said Christopher Bayles of the fifth part


Being an assignment to the said Bayles for the residue of the said mortgage term upon the trusts referred to in the release of equal date, in consideration of £309 13s 3d due to Worsop’s executors


2 Mar 1763

Indentures of Lease and Release of three parts –

Said John Swann of the first part

Joshua Oldfield of the same city, gent, of the second part

Dorothy Swann of the same city, spinster, daughter of the said John Swann, of the third part


In cosideration of a marriage between J Oldfield and D Swann the said John Swann did grant release and confirm unto J Oldfield & D Swann and their heirs –


The said tythes & all other the lands, tenements, tythes and premises in Foggerthorpe


9 Apr 1782

An Indenture of Release (Lease wanting) between –

The said Joshua Oldfield & Dorothy his wife of the one part

Barnard Clarkson of Gribthorpe, gent, of the other part


In consideration of £2415 the said Oldfield and wife grant release and confirm unto the said B Clarkson the same tithes & premises.


30 Dec 1790

Indenture between the said Barnard Clarkson of the one part

Peter Johnson of York, esq., of the other part.


In consideration of £2500 from Johnson to Clarkson, a moiety of all the tythes at Foggerthorpe (a mortgage, to be paid off before 5th April 1793)

Foggathorpe Tithe Award, 1844
[Borthwick References: TA 442 S; PR Bub 59]
Award 10 Aug 1844; map (Thomas Holiday) 1842.

The Dean and Chapter of York are the approprietors of one moiety of the tithes of corn, grain, lamb and wool, and Henry John Dickens esq. is the lessee for 3 lives.

The Rev. John Wilkinson as vicar is entitled to a moiety of the tithes of lamb and wool. The improprietors of the other moiety of corn and grain are:

Thomas Clarke
Marshall Fowler
William Bewlay Taylor
Thomas Collinge
Thomas Musgrave
William Jewitt
William Bayley
Isaac Crowther
The Rev. Philip Simpson

Owners of the estate out of which the moiety of tithes is payable:

Thomas Clarke
Thomas and John Atkinson
William Bewlay Taylor
Rachael Horsley
Clarkson's Mortgagees
John Lightfoot
James Youhill
Joseph Sargetson
John Scott
Thomas Clarkson
Hugh Bilton
Wesleyan Society
Isaac Crowther
Charles Knapton
Foggathorpe Township
George Greaves
Samuel Powell
John Mastlin
George Blanshard
Elizabeth Dale
John Scott
Edward Piarcy