Equity Suits: Exchequer

Equity suits, or civil litigation mainly concerned disputes over inheritance, lands, debts, marriage settlements, etc. The main court of equity was the Court of Chancery, but from the mid 16th century until 1873 the Exchequer Court also dealt with matters of equity. After 1873, all equity jurisdiction passed to the Chancery Division of the Supreme Court of Judicature.

The following references for Bubwith have all been taken from the TNA Catalogue.

E 101/484/25
Particulars of the account of Thomas de Folkerthorp, with counter-roll of John de Rouceby.
49 to 51 Edward III.
E 133/6/810
The queen at the relation of John Quippe, clerk, v. Edward Vavasor, Katherine Vavasor, John Aykroyde and John Harrison. An information of intrusion into lands and tenements in Spaldington, alleged by the plaintiff to be parcel of the possessions of the monasteries of Ormesby and Semperingham.
30/31 Eliz. Mich.
E 134/9Geo2/East2
Mary Lowther, Barbara Lowther, Frances Lowther, Eleanor Lowther, spinsters, John Brown, yeoman. v. Humphrey Trafford, Esq., Walter Vavasour, James Cade, Nathaniel Guy, John Burton, clerk, Peter Wilson.: Parishes of Bubwith and Aughton, and the townships of Spaldington, Willitoft, Harlethorpe, and Gripthorpe.
9 Geo 2
E 142/86/4
Extents of possessions of Osbert de Spaldington in Willitoft and Spaldington.
26 Edw I
E 210/4773
Alexander Knyght, gentleman, to Thomas Johnson of Lindley, esquire: Manor of Bubwith (appointment of attorney to receive seisin).
22 Hen. VIII.
E 211/263
Indenture Parties: Henry Johnson of Walton Head, esq.; Peter Vavasoure of Spaldington, Yorks., esq. Place: Bubwith.
7 Eliz.
E 211/264
Bond Parties: Henry Johnson of Walton Head, esq.; John Hyndsley of Fowthorp Yorks., yeoman Place: Bubwith.
6 Eliz.
E 315/515/Fo. 51
Inventory of Church Goods, East Riding: Bubwithe
temp. Edward VI
E 328/239/i
Grant by Ralph de Neuill, Lord of Raby, kt., in alms, to Robert de Mustroill, of Bubwith, and Robert de Vlram, chaplains, and their successors, chaplains in the parish church of Shirrefhoton, dioceese of York, to the altar of St. Mary the Virgin and St. Peter the Apostle, built on the south side of the church, a messuage, carucate of land and 2 a.
20 April 1350
E 367/1116
Marre, Christopher: Two parts of a messuage or tenement and land in Bubwith.
E 40/716
Indenture of sale by Thomas Crumwell, of London, to Sir Peter Vavasour, of Spaldington, co. York, for the sum of 120/., of Baddisworth manor, with its appurtenances and all charters and muniments relating thereto, which manor Crumwell acquired of William Banke, of Baddisworth, for 100/.
11 March, 20 Hen. VIII
E 44/377
Royal grants of the custodies, wardships and marriages of the following wards of the King:  John Thorpe, granted to George Vavasour of Willitoft, , gent.
19 Jas I May 13-June 18