Family Trees: Vavasour of Willitoft

The full pedigree of the Vavasours of Willitoft has never been attempted. The early generations have been printed in Volume II of Joseph Foster's Pedigrees of Yorkshire Families, 1874,  beginning with George Vavasour, who married Anna, dau and heiress of Robert Skipwith of Willitoft, and acquired  j.u. the Willitoft estate. George died in 1561.

Foster then shows the next two generations, with Peter Vavasour, son of George, and George Vavasour, son of Peter.

This tree continues the pedigree of the Vavasours of Willitoft down to the last male heir, Thomas Vavasour, whose will is dated 4th August, 1747. It appears that this will was never proven at York, and I have been unable to find a copy there, but a copy of the will does survive in the East Riding Archives at Beverley, as the Wills of all Roman Catholics had to be enrolled at the Quarter Sessions at this time, and the will appears there in the enrolment book that covers 1747, QDB/4, under reference QDB/4/33.

As the pedigree is quite large, covering a complete A3 sheet, I have converted it to pdf, and the link is here.