General Directory of Kingston-Upon-Hull and the City of York with Directories and Historical and Descriptive Sketches Of.... : F. White & Co. 1846

BUBWITH has a village on the east bank of the Derwent, 6 miles N. by W. of Howden, and its parish which is divided into seven townships, contains 1,370 souls, and 10,489 acres of land. The Hon. Philip Stourton, is lord of the manor of Bubwith township, but the Rev. J. D. Jefferson, Thomas Clarke, Esq. and others have estates here. A corn market established about ten years ago, is held every Wednesday. The Church dedicated to All Saints, is a neat structure on a bold acclivity. The crown, and the Dean and Chapter of York, are alternate patrons and appropriators, and the Rev. John Wilkinson is the vicar, for whom the Rev. William Wilkinson officiates.

BREIGHTON township and village, 5 miles N.N.W. of Howden, comprises about 2,000 acres. The Archbishop of York is lord of the manor, and owner of a great part of the soil. Directory:- John Brigham, victualler, Ferry House; Edw. Howden, blacksmith; Wm. Scaife, shoemaker; Wm. Holmes and Charles Tomlinson, shopkeepers; Mr. L. Webster, John Williamson, wheelwright; and Jothn. Brutt, Alfred Hepton, Thomas Houfe, Wm. Lumb, Wm. Martin, Jas. Middlebrook, Joseph Morley, and Ann Simpson, farmers.

FOGGATHORPE 6 miles N. of Howden, contains 1,284 acres, belonging to Thomas Musgrave, Thomas Clarke, Esqrs. and a few others. Directory:- Thos. Musgrave, Esq. Hugh Bilton, victualler, Black Swan; Fras. Calam, tailor, John Sargison and Jas. Youhill, blacksmiths; and the farmers are Thomas and John Atkinson, John and Thomas Clarkson, Rd. Horsley, Wm. Jewitt, and Charles Knapton.

GRIBTHORPE AND WILLITOFT from 5 to 6 miles N. of Howden, contain together 1,790 acres. Col. George Wyndham is owner, and lord of the manor of Gribthorpe, and the farmers are John and Thomas Ealand, and Wm. Penrose.

Willitoft is the property of Wm. Green, Esq. and occupied by George Blanchard, Wm. Goundrill, John Hodgson, and Rt. Stephenson.

HARLTHORPE 6 miles N. of Howden, contains only 720 acres, belonging to the Rev. J. D. Jefferson, Chas. Weddall, Esq. and Messrs. Rd. Savage and Thomas Ealand; but the Dowager Lady Stourton, is lady of the manor. Directory:- Ralph Oldfield, wheelwright and victualler, Lion; and Gregory Hessell, Thomas Laverack, William Massy, William Mosley and George Ripley, farmers.

SPALDINGTON 4 miles N. of Howden, contains 3,265 acres, including the scattered farms called Spaldington-Outside. Sir H. M. Vavasour, Lord Howden, and Mrs. Campbell, are the principal owners.

Post Office, at Mr. Thomas Newstead's. Letters arrive by foot post, from Selby, at 10½ mng. and are despatched at 3½ afternoon.

Aske Rt. wheelwright
Brownbridge John, corn and coal merchant
Dudding Benj. schoolmaster
Dudding John, plumber & glazier
Elton John, clock and watch maker
Hepton Wm. surgeon
Howdle William, corn miller
Hunter Thomas, gardener
Leckonby George, blacksmith
Leng Mrs. Elizabeth
Lewis Wm. excise officer
Newstead George, surgeon & registrar of births and deaths, for Bubwith district
Pratt Jas. joiner and wheelwright
Ross John, plumber and glazier
Ross Th. schoolmaster, & parish clk
Russell William, beer house
Sanderson George, saddler
Senior John, corn miller
Stubbins John, gent
Turner Thomas, saddler
Vause Thomas, coal and lime mct
Wilkinson Rev. Wm. curate, & vicar of Ellerton Priory

Inns and Taverns
Anchor, William Watson
Board, Eliz. Hepton
Cross Keys, Eliz. Lawton
New Inn, George Nicholson
Queen's Arms, Joseph Patrick, and brick and tile maker
White Swan, Thomas Turner

Boot and Shoe Makers
Ellwood Thomas
Richardson Phi.
Sherburn Thomas
Smith George
Thompson C. H.

Brewers & Mlstrs
Crow Thomas
Turner Thos.

Dove John
Hord George
Reed James

Brownbridge Wm.
Gamble George
Leonard Benj.
Newham Wm.

Blacker Robert
Brown John
Brownbridge Jno.
Crow Thomas
Gowthorpe James
Halley Benj.
Pratt James
Richardson Wm.
Rucklidge Wm.
Simpson Mary
Smith Thomas

Grocers & Drprs
Boldan Robert
Newstead Thos.
Russell Wm.
Smith George
Smith John

Bramley George
Caukill John
Gillyeat John

John Brabbs to York satur. and Howden tues.
Mark Greenwood to Hull tues. & Howden sat.

Marked * are Spaldington Outside.

Bell Thomas, corn miller
Blanchard Esther, shopkeeper
Dove Thomas, victualler, Plough
Dawson Rd. shoe maker
Gillyeat Jas. tailor
Howden Thomas, blacksmith
Newsham Thomas, shopkeeper
Ream Rd. wheelwright
Shaw Joseph, wheelwright
Stogdale Mrs. Isabella
Whitaker Fras. W. tailor

* Blackburn Hy.
* Blackburn Rt.
Hodgson Fras.
* Martin Wm.
Pettinger George
* Pettinger John
* Stather Eliz.
Steel Jno. Grange
Stogdale T. Hall
Thompson Wm.
* Tomlinson John
* Turner Wm.

Thos Dove to Selby by monday, and Howden sat.
Ths. Newsham to Howden sat.