The 10th Report of the Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, published in 1824, is particularly useful to the local and social historian, as it provided the history of charities up to that time.

The section dealing with the East Riding gives the following details of charities concerning Bubwith:

The poor of the whole parish have 6 acres of land in Asselby, left by James Turner of Foggathorpe, in 1714, and now let for £8, of which 10s. 6d. is paid for a sermon on Low Sunday.

Hotham's Charity Land: 11 acres. Rents at Christmas and Whit, for widows and other poor of the townships, in sums of 1s to 10s at their discretion.

Thomas Wood's Dole: by will dated 1568, Rent-Charge of £10 per annum, with 3s 4d per annum going to the poor of Bubwith.

Lost Charity: 6s 8d per annum to the poor, no account of the receipt of the money since 1754, (see page 655 of the Report).