Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills

When someone had property in both the Northern Province (the Archdiocese of York) and in the Southern Province (Archdiocese of Canterbury) then two probates of his will needed to be taken out from the two prerogative Courts, limited over the goods and chattels in each respective province.

Bear in mind that this did not mean that the testator had land in both provinces, as the church courts only had jurisdiction over personal estate, not real estate, i.e only over goods and chattels, money etc.

One of the reasons for double probate often came about because the testator had shares (for example, in canal companies or railways), or held funds in the Bank of England, as it was the address of the head office of the company the testator held shares in, or the address of the Bank of England, that determined if the testator held property in the Southern Province as well as the North.

I have searched the indexes of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) and found the following probates relating to Bubwith. In theory, all these probates should have a matching probate in the Prerogative Court of York.

All these documents can be downloaded, for a fee, from the Documents Online website.

John Aikeroyde
18 November 1598
PROB 11/92
John Bayles
Clerk of Bubwith
12 October 1657
PROB 11/267
William Carlill
Yeoman of Spaldington
01 May 1660
PROB 11/298
John Hawley
Husbandman of Bubwith
20 March 1658
PROB 11/275
Timothy Johnson
Victualler of Bubwith
13 August 1716
PROB 11/553
Thomas Musgrave
Gentleman of Bubwith
19 May 1851
PROB 11/2133
William Thorpe
Wheelwright of Bubwith
15 February 1658
PROB 11/273
Katherine Vavasour
Widow of Spaldington
17 March 1679
PROB 11/359