History, Directory & Gazetteer, of the County of York Vol. II. East and North Ridings: Edward Baines, 1823

BUBWITH, (P) in the wap. of Harthill, a part in the liberty of St. Peter's; 6 miles NNW. of Howden: pleasantly situated on the banks of the Derwent, over which it has a good stone bridge of ten arches erected in 1793. The livings of this church are vicarages, in the patronage of the King and the Dean and Chapter of York. Here is a Methodist chapel, with a good Sunday school attached. The ground in this neighbourhood is remarkably fertilized by the overflowings of the Derwent, and yields abundance, not to be surpassed except on the banks of the Nile. Nicholas be Bubwith, Bishop of Baths and Wells, resided here, and he was one of the English prelates that attended the council of Constance, when John Huss and Jerome of Prague were condemned to the flames. Population, 540.

Chaplain William, gentleman
Eland Thomas, gentleman
Fligg Nathaniel, gentleman
Leng Mary, gentlewoman
Newstead Geo. surgeon
Wilkinson Rev. John, A. B. vicar

Blanchard George,
   & Maltster
Young John

Caukill Wm.
Clark Edmund
Cockshaw Mthw.

Grundon Edw.
Howden Wm.
Hunter Thos.

Bielby Joseph
Brownbridge Peter
Day John
Hawkin John
Hoove Thos.
Morritt Thos.
Newham Richard
Richardson Wm.
Scott Marmaduke
Smith Thos.
Thomas John
Tinner Abraham
Whitaker Samuel

Ask Thomas, (and parish clerk)
Sherburn Wm.
Smith Geo.
Stubbings Joseph

Gothorp Thos.
Richardson, Geo.

Bramley Geo.
Caukill John, (& draper)
Ridsdale Thos.
Schofield Wm.

Biass Daniel, grocer
Dudding Benj. vict. Anchor
Hepton John, coal mert. & vict. Board
Holtby Thos. vict. New Inn
Hord Geo. bricklayer
Pratt James, joiner and wheelwright
Ross Thos. schoolmaster
Ross John, plumber and glazier
Tate Thos. blacksmith
Turner Thos. saddler

Mountain John, packet owner from York to Selby, takes in & unloads goods at this place once a fortnight.
Brabbs John, (land) to York every Sat. dep. 3 mng. ret. same day. To Howden, on Tues. dep. 9 mg. ret. 5 evening

BREIGHTON, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 5 miles NW. of Howden. Pop. 179.

Bond Alexander, vict. Magpie
Holmes Joseph, gentleman
Howden Matthew, blacksmith

Bond John
Brown Mary
Hoove Thomas
Simpson John
Steel John
Wood William

FOGGATHORPE, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 6 miles N. of Howden. In this township the system of letting out small parcels of land to the labourers, for cow-gates, has been attended with great success, and also with a reduction of the poor's rates. Population 137.

Jewitt William, gent.
Masgrave Thomas, gent.

Cock George
Harper Thomas
Knapton Charles

Burdon John, wheelwright
Clegg Robert, grocer
Gibson Geo. shoemaker
Rayney Benj. blacksmith

Robert Clegg, to York every Fri.; to Howden every Wed.

GRIBTHORPE, or GRIPTHORPE, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 6 miles N. of Howden. Population, (with Willeytoft) 145.

Eland George
Eland Leonard
Laycock Thos.
Penrose Wm.

GUNBY, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 5 miles NNW. of Howden. This township was given by William the Conqueror to Gilbert Tyson, his standard bearer, and has been the successive residence of the de Gunnebys, the Knights, the Dolmans, and the Vavasours.

Clarkson Michael, gentleman

HARLTHORPE, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 4½ miles N. of Howden. Pop. 93.

Eland T. yeoman
Hessell Gregory
Knapton Wm.
Laverack Thos.
Massey Wm.
Moseley Wm.

Ward James, blacksmith
West Richard, shoemaker

SPALDINGTON, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 4 miles N. of Howden. The hall at this place was formerly the seat of the ancient and honourable family of Vavasour, but now the property of Lord Howden, it exhibits a fine specimen or architecture of the time of Queen Elizabeth. Population 361.

Barker John
Bell Henry Wade
Blanchard John
Hance John
Johnson S.
Leaper John
Simpson John, (Grange)
Stogdale George
Stogdale Robert, (Ivy house)
Thomlinson John
Thompson Wm.

Dove Jas. carpenter & vict. Board
Holderness James, corn miller
Howden Thos. blacksmith
Lazenby John, tailor
Sanderson John, shopkeeper

Spaldington Outside, in the parish of Bubwith, and wap. of Harthill; 4 miles NNE. of Howden.

[No persons given]