1727: Poll Book

The 1727 Yorkshire poll was a bye-election for a representative in Parliament, following the death of the Tory incumbent, Sir Arthur Kaye. The two candidates were Sir John Kaye (Sir Arthur Kaye's nephew), and Cholmley Turner as an 'independent' Whig. Turner won by 7,683 votes to Kaye's 4,264.

The poll book for this poll is not printed, but in manuscript form, and largely unsorted. In the small amount of time available to me to consult it (on microfilm at Sheffield Archives) I could only find Bubwith, Foggathorpe, Gribthorpe* and Gunby.

I have made no attempt to correct the spellings of people or places, or to expand abbreviations.

The Tory candidate, Sir John Kaye, doesn't seem to have made a big impression on the Bubwith voters, they all voted for Turner!

* It is possible that the Grimsthorp that I found is a mistake for Gribthorpe. There is a Grimesthorp near Sheffield, but there definitely was a Samuel Guy in Bubwith at this time, and the freehold is at nearby Eastrington, so I have included it, just in case.

Surname Forename Abode Freehold
Bond John Breighton Bubwith
Charnley William Breighton Breighton
Dealtrey George Breighton Redness
Dealtrey James Breighton Balkholme
Barker Thomas Bubwith
Barrett Edward Bubwith Newton upon Derwent
Blackburn Richard Bubwith
Brabbs James Bubwith Royston
Brabbs John Bubwith Melbourne
Burton John Bubwith Melbourne
Carrack Robert Bubwith Bubwith
Geasby William Bubwith Seaton
Halley Benjamin Bubwith Melbourne
Halley George Bubwith Bubwith
Hough Arthur Bubwith Bubwith
Idle William Bubwith East Cottingwith
Mayner John Bubwith Melbourne
Moor Richard Bubwith Bubwith
Smith John Bubwith
Weddall Thomas Bubwith Bubwith
Westerby Matthew Bubwith Bubwith
Brown John Foggathorpe East Cottingwith
Guy Marmaduke Foggathorpe Bubwith
Guy Marmaduke Foggathorpe Bubwith
Johnson Thomas Foggathorpe Duffield
Guy Samuel Grimsthorp Eastrington
Hebden John Gunby Howden
Hepton John Gunby North Cave
Allen William Sparrington Eastrington
Blanchard James Spaldington Hive
Blanchard Luke Spaldington Storwood
Blanchard Luke Sparrington Breighton
Browne William Sparrington Ellerton
Gibson John Spaldington Seaton
Guy Nathaniel Spaldington Bellasize
Johnson Robert Spaldington Howden
Laughton William Spaldington Hive and Hook
Wales Charles Spaldington Sparrington and South Cave
Kerlew Edward Sparlington Long Newland
Laughton James Sparlington Howden
Atkinson Michael Willitoft Melbourne
Non-Resident Freeholders  
Surname Forename Abode Freehold
Battle Henry Aughton Bubwith
Battle Henry Aughton Bubwith
Drake John Ellerton Bubwith
Gresham Philip Heslerton Breighton
Horsley Francis Catton Breighton
Myers John Mayburne Breighton
Rusholme Peter Howden Breighton
Wheadley Henry Everthorpe Breighton
Brown John Portington Foggathorpe
Driffield Lancelot Escrick Foggathorpe
Kay Abraham Almondbury Foggathorpe