Special Collections

These records in the TNA, formerly entitled 'Special Collections' were artificially arranged by the former Public Record Office by record type.                 

SC 1: Ancient Correspondence of the Chancery and the Exchequer
SC 2: Court Rolls
SC 3: Rolls Estate: Leases and Counterparts of Leases
SC 4: Deeds: Crown Grants
SC 5: Hundred Rolls and Eyre Veredicta
SC 6: Ministers' and Receivers' Accounts
SC 7: Papal Bulls,
SC 8: Ancient Petitions,
SC 9: Parliament Rolls, Exchequer Series
SC 10: Parliamentary Proxies
SC 11: Rentals and Surveys, Rolls
SC 12: Rentals and Surveys, Portfolios
SC 13: Seals
SC 14: Writs Recovered
SC 15: Loose and Detached Seals and Casts, Series II
SC 16: Miscellaneous Objects Recovered from the Records of the Courts at Westminster.

All these classes have been searched for Bubwith references, and the following have been found:

SC 2/211/162
County: . Description of Courts: Extracts of Fines and Amercements. Places: (includes) Cottingworth, West; Cottingworth, East; Escrick; Foggathorpe.
13 - 19 Chas I
SC 6/1121/10
(Includes) York Harlethorp: York Gristhorpe (Grysthawt)
26 Edw III

York: (includes) Wresel, Newsham, Thornton, Brind, Gribthorpe,  Crown lands acquired by purchase from Henry earl of Northumberland.
31-32 Hen VIII
SC 8/241/12044
Petitioners: John Polayn of Lynton; Ladaran , wife of John Polayn. Addressees: King. Places mentioned: East Linton, [East Riding of Yorkshire]; Foggathorpe, [East Riding of Yorkshire].        Other people mentioned: Edmund de Pothou. Nature of request: The Polayns request an attaint before the justices that the right is able to be tried, and the jurors be punished for their false oaths.
SC 8/253/12648
Petitioners: John de Pothow (Potto); Thomas Dese of Fencote.         Addressees: King. Places mentioned: Gribthorpe, [East Riding of Yorkshire]; Fencote, [North Riding of Yorkshire]; Rotherfield Greys, .        Other people mentioned: John Schat of Gribthorpe; John Grey of Rotherfield; John Rynet.
SC 8/37/1825
Petitioners: Abbot and convent of Byland. Addressees: King and council. Places mentioned: Bubwith, [East Riding of Yorkshire]        Other people mentioned: Edmond [Mortymer (Mortimer)], son and heir of Roger Mortimer, late Earl of March; Roger Mortimer, late Earl of March; John de Branktre. Nature of request: The petitioners request that the sheriff of Yorkshire be commanded to empanel the good people of the neighbourhood to state the truth, and not to empanel suspicious people or those people procured by Branktre against the law, and that remedy be done to them concerning their right to a moiety of the church of Bubwith.
SC 8/45/2218
Petitioners: Thomas Edward, chaplain. Addressees: King and council. Places mentioned: Bubwith, [East Riding of Yorkshire]; Byland, [North Riding of Yorkshire]. Other people mentioned: The Abbot of Byland. Nature of request: Thomas Edward states that he has sued the king's right concerning the advowson of half the church of Bubwith as far as an inquest to try this right between the king and the Abbot of Byland, and that, by maintenance and procurement of the Abbot and his adherents, the Sheriff is refusing to empanel the most respected and suitable people of the country on the jury, as Thomas asked him to on behalf of the king.
c. 1370
SC 8/72/3561
Petitioners: People of the vill of Spaldington. Addressees: King and council. Places mentioned: Spaldington, [East Riding of Yorkshire]. Other people mentioned: Prior of Ormesby; Prior of Ellerton.        Nature of request: The people request that the prior of Ellerton be distrained to pay his portion of the tax in the manner of other farmers of the grange of the prior of Ormesby in Spaldington.
c. 1325-c. 1350
SC 11/735
Holme, Bursea, Latham, Belby, North Cliff, Croom (Crowme), Bubwith, Cockshotts: Rental.
Hen. VII.