Admiralty Court of York

Among the records of the Admiralty Court of York, held at the Borthwick Institute, is a collection of Constable's Returns of Seamen, under reference DRP/Adm CT.

It appears that the Admiralty, under the Lord High Admiral, required regular updates of potential mariners in case of war. The surveys were carried out via the Admiralty's Marshall for Yorkshire, and were addressed to the constables of the townships adjoining the navigable rivers of Yorkshire.

The requests for returns were printed and signed by one of the notaries working in the Admiralty Court in York.

Returns survive mostly for the late 17th - early 18th centuries, and curiously some had a sum of money against the names, and a total of these monies, by parish, exists for 1707. The returns for Bubwith were as follows:



A Bill of all owners part owners boatmen and others that have any concerns upon ye waters as followeth:

George Harland

Thomas Robinson

These may certifie whom it may concern that Mr William Skelton formerly had the fourth part of a vessel but he hath sold it to Rowland Petter of Barmby at most 2 years ago.

Matt: Walker - Constable



John Haire (or Haine) - Constable



We have no owners part owners nor Master of any ships boats etc. nor no mariners boatmen fishermen sand-walkers nor no other exercising any mystery or trade within the Jurisdiction of ye Court of Admiralty dwelling within our Township or Constablry of Bubwith but -

Robert Browne - ferryman

Geo: Halley - Constable of Bubwith, this 30th day of May 1733



Robert Browne - 6d

Wm Beilby - 6d

William Grassby - Constable

Breighton and Gunby


John Bond - Constable



Robert Brown - ferryman

Christopher Richardson - Constable