Tithes: Breighton and Gunby

Commonwealth Survey of 1651

During the Commonwealth Survey held at Beverley on the 25 November 1651, it was reported by the Commissioners that the tythes of Bubwith, Harlethorpe, Gribthorpe and Foggathorpe are the inheritance of Mr. John and Mary and [Mr. Henry Dolman, scored through] Thomas Dolman and the heirs of Mr. Thomas Doleman and were worth forty pounds yearly. 

Lambeth Palace Library, COMM XIIa/17, pages 366-7.

Breighton Tithe Payers, 1690
James Bird George Custons Jo: Granger William Idle Ed: Jillison
widow Marshall Symon Newlove Will Vance
Jo: Cottam George Dealtry Thomas Granger Richard Jackson Ed: Marshall Thomas Nesbecke Anthony Scott Thomas White

Breighton Tithe Payers, 29 Jul 1718
Alexander Bond John Dealtry Robert (sen) Freeman
John Hepton
Edward Marshall
Thomas Smith
John Bond Robert Dewson
Thomas Grainger
John Hewson
Simon Newlove
George Turner
George Constance Robert Freeman
John Hare
Hugh Iveson
John Pearson
John Wiles

Valuation of Breighton Tithes in 1824
Wm. Scholdfield, esq.
George Blanchard
John Steel        
John Bond
Robt. Simpson        
Wm. Carr

Thomas House        
Open fields        

Breighton Tithe Award

[Borthwick References: TA 473L; PR Bub 62]
Award 21 Sep 1847; map

Annual sum of 5s. 6d. at easter to the vicar instead of tithes for the hamlet of Gunby of 345a., William Proctor esq., is the owner.

For Breighton        3d. for every milk cow
       3d. for every calf
       1d. for every sheep clipped
       1d. for every lamb

All the rest of the tithes in kind.

The Dean and Chapter of York are the approprietors of one moiety of the Great Tithes and Henry, Earl of Harewood is the improprietor of the other moiety. Henry, Earl of Harewood is the improprietor of a moiety of potatoes. The vicar of Bubwith to all tithes of Gunby and small tithes (except flax and hemp) and a moiety of potatoes in the rest.

Anne Danser
William Lumb
Earl of Harewood
Thomas House
Thomas House
James Middlebrook
Overseers of the Poor
William Scaife
James Howden and others
William Scholefield
Richard Briggs
William House
Surveyor of Highways
Surveyor of Highways
Charlotte Webster
James Middlebrook
Archbishop of York
Township of Breighton
John Brigham
Richard Briggs
William Carr
Archbishop of York,William Scholefield, lessee
Samuel Hall
Archbishop of York,Ann Simpson, lessee
Samuel Hall
Archbishop of York
Samuel Hall and
Thomas House
Archbishop of York
Alfred Hepton
Thomas House
William House
Matthew Howden
Edward Howden
James Kershaw
Hannah Martin
James Middlebrook
Joseph Morley
William Scaife
Ann Simpson
William Proctor, esq
Archbishop of York
Jonathan Burtt

The Gunby Survey, 1758
[East Riding of Yorkshire Archives, reference: DDGU/2/12]

Mr John Hepton farm: 188A, 2R, 31P; Amount: £90 17s. 0d.
Robert Buttle farm: 156A, 2R, 39P; Amount: £73 13s. 0d.

Average about 9/6 per acre [written in pencil]

Total: 345A, 1R, 30P; Amount: £164 10s. 0d.

Declaration in support of the Modus of 5/6 in lieu of the Vicarial Tithes of Gunby, June 26th, 1843

I George Blanshard formerly of Breighton in the Parish of Bubwith in the County of York Farmer, but now residing at No. 26 Piccadilly, co. Middlesex aged sixty five years do hereby solemnly and sincerely declare that my Father was a farmer at Breighton aforesaid when I was born and when I was about four years old I was sent to a School at Bubwith kept by the late Reverend George Ion the vicar of Bubwith with whom my Father was very intimate and between whose Sons and myself there existed a close friendship and I remained at School with him several years. That as far back as I can recollect my Uncle Robert Hepton occupied the Farm at Gunby and I used very frequently to call at his House on my way to and from School at Bubwith. That after I left School I remained at home and assisted in the management of the farm at Breighton and was also very frequently at my Uncle's at Gunby. That when at home I used very often to go with my Father to pay his Tithes to Mr Ion as Vicar of Bubwith whose Custom it was to take two days at Easter for that purpose the Tithes of Breighton and the Modus for Gunby being received on one day and the Tithes of another Township on another day. That my Father George Blanshard and my Uncle Robert Hepton generally went together to the Tithe Receipt and I have accompanied them many times. The Gunby Estate did not pay any Tithes but a Modus of five shillings and six pence annually to the Vicar in lieu of the small Tithes, and I never heard nor do I believe that the Great Tithes of the Estate were ever paid or demanded and it was quite notorious that this estate only paid a Modus of five shillings and six pence in lieu of Tithes as Mr Ion for several years refused to accept it alleging that the Modus could not be supported on the grounds of rankness although the Modus was regularly tendered to him by my Uncle. That when I was about seventeen years of age I remember very distinctly going with my Father and my Uncle Robert Hepton to pay their Tithes. That the Modus of five shillings and six pence was tendered by my Uncle to Mr Ion in lieu of the Tithes of Gunby and that some discussion took place about it, and ultimately Mr Ion agreed to receive the Modus for that year and also the Arrears for the several years which he had previously refused to accept and which then amounted to about four pounds and ten shillings and I think the Arrears were for sixteen years as nearly as I can recollect. Mr Ion said he did not think he was paid enough but it was not worthwhile throwing away money about it but he had a good mind to charge Interest upon the Arrears which would make up his Claim nearly ten shillings. My Uncle Robert Hepton then paid Mr Ion the Modus for that year and also all the Arrears due up to that time in the presence of my Father and myself but no Interest was paid on the Arrears although Mr Ion at first said he should charge it. I am quite certain that Mr Ion received all Arrears of the Modus at the time I allude to, for I saw the Money paid to him and I afterwards on two or three several different times was present and saw my Uncle Robert Hepton pay to Mr Ion the Modus of five shillings and six pence for the Gunby Estate and I firmly believe that my Uncle after the payment of the Arrears abovementioned up to the time of his quitting the farm in one thousand eight hundred and three regularly paid to Mr Ion the said Modus of five shillings and six pence in lieu of the Tithes of Gunby. I left Breighton in one thousand eight hundred and eight two or three years before Mr Ion died. Mr Ion was succeeded by the Reverend John Wilkinson the present Vicar.
And I the said George Blanshard make this solemn Declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the Provisions of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the fifth and six years of the Reign of His late Majesty King William the Fourth intitled "An Act to Repeal and Act of the present Session of Parliament intitled "An Act for the more effectual abolition of Oaths and Affirmations taken and made in various departments of the state and to substitute Declarations in lieu thereof and for the more entire suppression of voluntary and extrajudicial Oaths and Affidavits and to make other provisions for the abolition of unnecessary Oaths"

The above Declaration was made by the said George Blanshard at Selby in the County of York aforesaid the twenty sixth day of June one thousand eight hundred and forty three,

Before me,

Thos Weddall
A Master Extraordinary in Chancery