The Rectors and Vicars of Bubwith from Torre's Manuscripts
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Date Instituted
Patron and Notes
3 Ides Apr 1282
Jac de Moun
Agnes de Vescy.
Ab Wichwane's Register, Surtees Society, Vol 114
Page 46: 10 Apr 1283. Admission and institution of James de Moun, subdeacon, to a mediety of the church of Bubwythe, on the presentation of lady Agnes de Vescy.
16 Kal Mar 1287
John Bassel (sic)
Ab John le Romeyn's Register, Vol I. Surtees Sociey, Vol 123 Page 199: 14 Feb 1286-7. Institution of Master John Basset, priest, to a mediety of the church at Bubbeuyth, on the presentation of lady Agnes de Vescy. He had letter of induction in the usual form with the clause "salvis nobis primis fructibus qui ex privilegio ad nos spectant."
11 Oct 1309

Ab Greenfield's Register, Vol III. Surtees Sociey, Vol 151, Page 163: 11 Oct 1309. Custody of the sequestration of a mediety of the church of Bubwyth in the presentation of dame Clementia de Vesci, granted to John de Gergrave, clk. Mandate to the archdeacon or his official to cause him to have administration of the fruits of the church.
Note: 19 Jul 1310. The grant of the custody revoked and the sequestration granted to Sir Martin de Grymeston, the sequestrator in the East Riding.
6 Kal Apr 1310
Adam de Osgoteby
Ab Thomas of Corbridge's Register, Surtees Society, Vol 138 Page 10n: Adam was the son of Robert de Osgodby, who was living in 1284, and brother of Richard, vicar of Bubwith
6 Kal Oct 1310
Richard de Osgoteby
see above
2 Kal Feb 1316
Richard de Osgoteby
Ab Greenfield's Register, Vol V. Surtees Sociey, Vol 153, Page 269: 31 Jan 1316-7. Institution and induction of Sir Richard de Osgotby, priest, to the church of Bubwyth, on the presentation of dame Isabel de Vescy, who had power to present to benefices in the patronage of dame Clemence de Vescy.
Kal Oct 1322
Thomas de Sunnebrey

7 Ides Nov 1322
Richard de Bretteby

6 Aug 1328
Nicholas de Welleburn
Feet of Fines for Yorkshire
43. Westminster. Quindene of Martinmas, 4 Edw. Ill, 1330.
Walter de Hemelsay and Alice his wife, by John de Wilton, Alice's attorney, quer., Nicholas de Hugate, def., land in Gatehemelsay, Ourehemelsay, Quixle, Thornburgh, and Geruardby [Garrowby, near Pocklington]: Nicholas de Welleburne, parson of a moiety of the church of Bubwyth, put in his claim.

Chancery Recorda, C 260/72/33
23 Edw III (1350), Gaol Delivery, York
Acquittal of James de Roos, kt., of the murder of Nicholas de Welburn, parson of Bubwith, at Breighton.

CPR, Edw III, 1358-1361, p. 540
8 Feb 1361
Exemplification, at the request of James de Roos, knight, of the tenour of the record and process of a delivery of the gaol of York castle made before the king at York on Friday after the octaves of the Purification, 23 Edward III (1350), rot. 6, York, when the said James, presented before the king at York in Michaelmas Term, 22 Edward III (1349), of having, on Saturday after the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 15 Edward III (1342), killed Nicholas de Welbourn, parson of the church of Bubwith, at Bryghton, was found by the jury to be not guilty of the death.
7 Feb 1340
John Noble
KB27/404-407. John Noble, parson of Bubwyth, 1361.
3 Jul 1364
William de Wyrkesworthe

27 Mar 1367
William fil Alex de Skamerton

Date Instituted
Patron and Notes
Jan 1343
John Staynegate
Dean and Chapter of York
May 1358
Henry de Birkenscagh
Dean and Chapter of York
4 Jul 1359
Adam de Esington
Dean and Chapter of York
Feb 1364
Steven de Bubwith
Dean and Chapter of York
8 Feb 1365
Adam de Laxton
Dean and Chapter of York
8 Mar 1374
William Paulyne
Dean and Chapter of York

William Burton
Nov 1388
Thomas Hesyle
Dean and Chapter of York
Mar 1390
John Wall
Dean and Chapter of York
1 Aug 1391
Robert fil Ric. de Hemyngburgh
Dean and Chapter of York
12 Mar 1408
John Langetoft
Dean and Chapter of York

Robert Thormotby
Abbey of Byland

William Rikall
Dean and Chapter of York

William Walton
Dean and Chapter of York
7 Mar 1422
Richard Marton
Abbey of Byland
Still vicar during Easter Term, 1437, when he sued for debt. (Common Pleas, CP40/705).
19 Feb 1437
Robert Broune
Dean and Chapter of York
Ult May 1440
William Croft
Abbey of Byland
1 Oct 1442
John Spencer
Dean and Chapter of York
3 Jan 1452
John Walker
Dean and Chapter of York
Admitted Archdeacon of the East Riding, 16 Jul 1467, ERAS Vol XXI, page 16.
15 Nov 1466
Richard Appleton
Abbey of Byland
26 Oct 1486
Robert Holtby
Abbey of Byland
7 Feb 1487
William Kexby
Dean and Chapter of York
24 Sep 1499
Richard Savage
Dean and Chapter of York
Was still vicar of Bubwith in 1525-6, 'The East Riding Clergy in 1525-6', YAJ 1916-17, p. 64.
17 Oct 1506
Thomas Taillour
Abbey of Byland
13 May 1515
John Browne
Abbey of Byland
15 Mar 1517
Thomas Jefferson
Abbey of Byland
John Shacklock
Abbey of Byland
4 Nov 1521
Thomas Dixon
Abbey of Byland
26 Aug 1526
Richard Hawclyffe
Dean and Chapter of York
7 Sep 1537
Thomas Caldbeck
Abbey of Byland
Note: The Abbey of Byland was dissolved on 30 November 1538.
4 Jun 1558
John Clowdersdale
Dean and Chapter of York
7 Jul 1573
William Parret
Dean and Chapter of York
9 Sep 1573
Robert Maynard
The Crown [C.P.R. Vol 6, p.145; void by deprivation]
21 Jun 1586
William Purret
The Crown [C.P.R. 28 Eliz., void by death]
28 Nov 1586
John Lamb
Dean and Chapter of York
20 May 1617
William Squire
Dean and Chapter of York
22 Jun 1620
John Bayles
The Crown. Buried Bubwith, 3 Sep 1657
10 Mar 1646
Robert Brooke
Dean and Chapter of York
23 Mar 1660
Rowland Greenwood
Dean and Chapter of York
2 Jul 1663
J. Dyson
Dean and Chapter of York
22 Mar 1665
Richard Basset
Dean and Chapter of York
19 May 1688
Guill. Calvert
Dean and Chapter of York

Rectors, Vicars and Curates from other Sources

Source and Notes
William de Winchester
York Minster Fasti, C.T. Clay: He is described as a Canon of York and Rector of Bubwith.
1246 Ralph de L'Isle Feet of Fines for Yorkshire, 1232-1246, YASRS Vol 67, p. 153. Between Master Ralph de L'Isle, parson of Bubwyt church, by Walter of Houedon his attorney, claimant, and William de Ros, tenant, as to 5 acres of land in Wylgethoft. The riht of Ralph and his church of Bubwyht. Ralph gives a sor sparrowhawk.
John de Giveldale
Monasticon Eboracense, Burton, p. 395: In A.D. 1262, Thomas de Mulgate, the archbishop's officer, ordered John de Giveldale to take and rector of a mediety of the church of Bubwith.
1389 William Ryllington
The will of William Ryllington, vicar of Bubwith, was made 2 Dec 1389, and proved 10 Fev 1389/90. Borthwick Institute Reference:Prob. Reg. 1, f. 5.
Robert Dyghton
Vicar of Bubwith, gave evidence of age of Thomas Nichol on his presentation as chantry priest of the BVM Cliffe, Hemingborough. Durham University Archives, Ref: Loc.X:1,
William Croft
Christopher Boynton, plaintiff, vs. William Croft,Vicar of Bubwith, defendant. Trespass. CP40/748: Hilary Term 1448.
before 1499
Sir William Leeke
Index of Wills from the Dean and Chapter's Court. YASRS Vol. 38, 1907, page 40. Vicar of Bubwith. Probate was granted in 1499.
1525 Richard Savage Vicar of a mediety. Listed in clerical tax of Feb 1525/6, State Papers 17 Hen VIII, vol iv, Part i, no. 2001, and printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XXIV, (part 93), pages 62-80
1525 Richard Melton Chaplain of Bubwith.Listed in clerical tax of Feb 1525/6, State Papers 17 Hen VIII, vol iv, Part i, no. 2001, and printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XXIV, (part 93), pages 62-80
1525 Robert Nixon Chaplain of Bubwith.Listed in clerical tax of Feb 1525/6, State Papers 17 Hen VIII, vol iv, Part i, no. 2001, and printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XXIV, (part 93), pages 62-80
1525 Richard Smith Chaplain of Bubwith.Listed in clerical tax of Feb 1525/6, State Papers 17 Hen VIII, vol iv, Part i, no. 2001, and printed in the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, Vol XXIV, (part 93), pages 62-80
1561 John Webster 19 Oct 1560: Presented to a mediety of the vicarage of Bubwith. Letters Patent, TNA, C66/948 m.42
before 1620
William Purritte
Index of The Original Documents of the [erroneously named] Consistory Court of York. YASRS 73. Described as clerk and vicar of the mediete when his will was proved in 1620
Thomas Denny
Borthwick: Institution Act Book. He is described as Rector.
Robert Tod
Clerk, mentioned in parish register
13 Mich. 1665
Edward Barrett
Archbishop's collation to a mediety of the Rectory of Bubwith, Hailstone Collection, York Minster Archives. Mentioned in parish registers as early as 1655 (curate or vicar?). Buried Bubwith 25 Apr 1688
Robert Blakey
Lawton's Collections. Presented by the Crown
Timothy Johnson
From parish registers. Buried Bubwith 19 Mar 1713
Timothy Smith
Lawton. He signed the Notitia Parochialis
Robert Taylor
Lawton. He was vicar of one mediety and curate of the other. The Institution Act Books gives 1714 as the year of his appointment as curate of the other mediety. Buried Bubwith 4 Dec 1729.
Timothy Johnson
East Riding Record Office (ERRO), DDPR/9/17. Rev. of Bubwith
John Burton
YMA: Presented by the Dean and Chapter of York, Chapter Act Book H7 fol. 36. Buried Bubwith 14 Mar 1744.
John Burton
It seems that John Burton was presented to the vicarage of the other mediety as well: "The Right Hon. The Lord High Chancellor has been pleased to present the Rev. John Burton M.A. to the Vicarage of Bubwith, in the County and Diocese of York; void by the Death of the last Incumbent; and yesterday the Presentation passed the Great Seal accordingly."
London Daily Post and General Advertiser, Friday, January 30, 1736, Issue 389
James Torre
Borthwick: Licensed as curate
John Cayley
YMA: Presented by the Dean and Chapter, collated 1745, Chapter Act Book H7 fol. 190. Was still vicar in 1764 when he signed the Glebe Terrier for that year, and in 1781 when he nominated Thomas Ask as parish clerk. He he held the position as vicar of Bubwith until his death, 17 Dec 1782.
John Cayley
William Jackson
Quarter Sessions Files for Christmas 1746 - ref. QSF/155, Easter 1747 - ref. QSF/156, and Midsummer 1747 - ref. QSF/157. Rev. John Cayley vicar of Bubwith: - to prosecute Rev. William Jackson of Bubwith for having disturbed J.C. whilst he was officiating in the pulpit by violently getting into the pulpit and refusing to leave it.
William Langstaff
YMA: Licensed as assistant curate, Chapter Act Book H7, fol. 198.
William Langstaff
Borthwick: Licensed as curate
James Cookson
Parish Registers: 14 March 1763, bapt: Elizabeth, D: of James Cookson, clerk, Vicar of Aughton & Ellerton & Curate of Bubwith
John Knowles
Borthwick: Licensed as curate
George Ion
Borthwick: Licensed as curate. Preached a sermon for which a flyer has survived describing him as curate of Bubwith, 1780. He appears in the 1807 Poll Book, as 'clerk'. He died in 1814 and is buried in the south side of Bubwith church.
Edward Green
Borthwick: Licensed as curate
Roger Steele
Borthwick: Licensed as curate
John Earle
Borthwick: Licensed as curate. In 1807 he is mentioned in The Monthly Magazine as marrying Miss Rotherhay, niece of George Ion, vicar.
R. Thomas
1813-1814. Given in a private Mss, Borthwick, Ref: PR. Bub 68.
John Wilkinson the younger
Alumni Oxonienses. Described as Vicar of Bubwith and mediety (died 5th Nov 1846). He appears as vicar in the Trades Directories of 1823 (Baines), 1840 (White), 1846 (White). In The Clerical Guides for 1817-1845. He was collated by the D&C of York 10 Jan 1815, inducted 11 Jan 1815, deacon by Archbishop of York, priest by samw. Exhibit Book for 1817, fol 28v.
William G. Wilkinson B.A.
White's 1840 Directory says that William Wilkinson 'officiates', and in White's 1857 Directory he is described as Vicar. He married Dorothy, daughter of John William Wright of Eyam and Sheffield, in 1843. The Clergy List, Crockfords, and the Clergy Directory list him from 1847-1887 (collated 1847).
Note: The two medieties of the vicarage of Bubwith were united by an Order in Council, relative to a scheme, duly prepared by the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and published in the London Gazette, 11 May 1847.
William Oliver Fitzharding Campbell
Bulmers Directory. Rev. at the vicarage. Appears in the 1892 edition of Crockfords.
George Edward William Highmore
1899-1907, Crockfords.
Thomas Freer Minshull
1907-1933, Crockfords.
William Vaughan-Jones
1933-1943, Crockfords
Thomas Anderson
1943-1949, Crockfords
Albert Beryl Jones
1949-1961, Crockfords
Thomas Jackson Byrom
1961-1972, Crockfords
H. F. A Eurich
1972-1974, Crockfords
Geoffrey Daryl Harris
1974-1979, Crockfords
Cyril George Webb
1979-1985, Crockfords
John Beech
1985-1988, Crockfords
Gordon Edward Johnson
1988 and 1991 editions of Crockfords
Barry Eves
1993-2004, Crockfords
Mrs Josephine May Oliver
2006/7 Crockfords