Special Constables

A List of Names of Special Constables within the Division of Holme Beacon, 1831

The Special Constables Act of 1831 "for the better preservation of the peace" empowered two justices of the peace to appoint as many special constables as they deemed sufficient to combat any "tumult, riot and felony".

This Act was in response to the government fearing a repetition of the notorious Gordon riots, and in the greatest example of over policing in history 170,000 special constables were sworn in and reported for duty to deal with a possible half a million rioters on Kensington Common, who were due to march on to Westminster. In fact, only 50,000 demonstrators turned up.

In the East Riding, at least in the Holme Beacon Division, it appears that the justices appointmented every able-bodied man, and so provides a mini-census in an important year, 1831, 10 years before the 1841 census (the first census in which names were collected).

The full list of Special Constables for the Holme Beacon Division, from which the extract below for the parish of Bubwith only is given, is held by the East Riding Archives, Beverley, under reference QAP/8/20.

HS = Head of Section
HT = Head of Township
3rd Section, Bubwith
Blanshard, George (HS)
Gaindon, Edward
Richardson, William
Turner, Robert (HT)
Harrison, John
Ross, Thomas
Ask, William
Hepton, John
Russell, William
Ask, Thomas
Hoard, George
Sherbourne, William
Blacker, Robert
Hotham, Robert
Smith, George
Bramley, George
Howdle, William
Steels, Joseph
Brown, William
Johnson, George
Stogdale, John
Brownbridge, John
Johnson, George
Stogdale, William
Brownbridge, William
Leak, Charles
Thompson, Charles
Cawhill, John
Newham, Richard
Tindall, John
Cawhill, John
Patrick, Joseph
Turner, Abraham
Cockshaw, Matthew
Pottage, William
Turner, Thomas
Collins, Thomas
Pratt, James
Vause, George
Cood, W. R.
Richardson, George
Ward, F. W.
Dove, John
Richardson, Philip
Whittaker, Samuel
Dudding, Benjamin
Richardson, Robert
Wilkinson, William

Blacker, John (HT)
Laverack, Thomas
Mosley, William
Hessle, Gregory
Massey, John
Ripley, George

4th Section, Breighton and Gunby
Clarkson, Mr. Michael (HS) G
Scaife, William
Tomkinson, Charles
House, Thomas (HT) B
Simpson, Robert
Webster, William
Blanshard, George
Sinclair, James

Howdle, Matthew
Steels, John

5th Section, Gribthorpe and Willitoft
Brooksbank, Thomas (HS) W
Gaywell, John
Pollord, John
Hodgson, Joseph (HT) W
Gray, John
Reader, John
Dales, William
Lockwood, Peter
Whitaker, Robert
Eland, John
Marfitt, Robert

Falkingham, John
Penrose, William

Holmes, William (HT)
Garlick, Joseph
Sanderson, George
Barker, John
Hanks, Robert
Sanderson, John
Barker, Joseph
Harrison, George
Sanderson, Robert
Bell, H.W
Harrison, James
Scruton, William
Bell, William
Howden, John
Simpson, John
Beverley, Francis
Howden, Richard
Simpson, John
Beverley, William
Hunt, John
Simpson, William
Blanshard, John
Johnson, F.S
Smith, Joseph
Broader, George
Johnson, Robert
Steels, John
Broader, Joseph
Newham, William
Stogdale, George
Camp, Thomas
Newsham, John
Stogdale, Robert
Camp, Thomas
Northend, William
Swain, John
Cook, Michael
Olfield, Abraham
Thompson, Joseph
Corner, James
Penrose, Robert
Thompson, William
Dove, Thomas
Pettinger, George
Tomlinson, John
Drury, William
Ream, Richard
Tomlinson, John
Featherstone, Thomas
Robinson, John
Tutty, Joseph
Fowler, George
Shaw, Joseph
Wilson, Thomas

Knapton, Charles (HT)
Jewitt, William
Robinson, William
Hall, John
Pearson, Thomas
Woodhouse, John