Tithes: Harlethorpe

Commonwealth Survey of 1651

During the Commonwealth Survey held at Beverley on the 25 November 1651, it was reported by the Commissioners that the tythes of Bubwith, Harlethorpe, Gribthorpe and Foggathorpe are the inheritance of Mr. John Arrys and the heirs of Mr. Thomas Doleman and were worth in total one hundred and ten pounds yearly. 

Lambeth Palace Library, COMM XIIa/17, pages 366-7.

Harlethorpe Tithes, 1735
William Blyth
William Massey
George Thorpe
Thomas Young
Peter Wilson
Thomas Empson
Benjamin Fligg
William Cock

[This list of the tithe of payers in 1735 is included in the Masters' Exhibits in the case of Lowther v. Trafford (see separate section)]