Exchequer Court and Prerogative Court

The inhabitants of Ellerton came under the jurisdiction of the Exchequer and Prerogative Courts of York. 

The Exchequer Court had jurisdiction over the laity and unbeneficed clergy having goods solely within the diocese, but not in any peculiar jurisdiction, while the Prerogative Court had jurisdiction over both laymen and clergy with bona notabilia (goods worth £5 or more) throughout the Province of York.

Indexes to both courts have been produced by the Yorkshire Archaeological Society, covering the years 1389-1688, as follows:

1389-1514        YASRS Volume VI, 1888
1514-1553        YASRS Volume XI, 1891
1554-1568        YASRS Volume XIV, 1893
1568-1585        YASRS Volume XIX, 1895
1585-1594        YASRS Volume XXII, 1897
1594-1602        YASRS Volume XXIV, 1898
1603-1611        YASRS Volume XXVI, 1899
1612-1619        YASRS Volume XXVIII, 1900
1620-1627        YASRS Volume XXXII, 1902
1627-1636        YASRS Volume XXXV, 1905
1636-1652        YATA Volume IV, 1888
1649-1660        YATA Volume I, 1885
1660-1665        YASRS XLIX, 1913
1666-1672        YASRS LX, 1920
1673-1680        YASRS LXVIII, 1925
1681-1688        YASRS LXXXIX, 1934

The period from the 1st December 1688 down to the 30th April 1731 has been indexed by the Genealogical Society Unit of the Church of Latter-Day Saints. These indexes are available at the Borthwick Institute in the University of York, or on film from the Latter-Day Saints via any of their Family History Centres.

The period from the 1st May 1731 to the 31st January 1858 is covered by 29 volumes of Manuscript Indexes, available only at the Borthwick.

All the indexes for the period 1389-1665 have been checked, and the following list contains all the references to Ellerton.

Surname Forename Status Place Year
Aclam Thomas grasseman Ellerton 1664
Aske John Knight (buried Ellerton priory) 1497
Aske Margaret Widow of Richard A., esq Aughton (buried Ellerton priory) 1465 - 1466
Badkine John admon Ellerton 1583
Barker Isabel spinster Ellerton 1591
Barker John   Ellerton Priory 1454
Beilbe John   (bur. Ellerton) 1546
Beilbie Mawd   Ellerton 1625
Bell Henry prob. act Ellerton 1633
Bell Robert   Ellerton 1551
Bell Thomas   Ellerton 1604
Bell Thomas admon Ellerton 1642
Bell Thomas admon bond Ellerton 1642
Dau of Walter B. of Ellerton, dec., tuition, Act Book
Bethell Sir Hugh knight Ellerton 1611
Esq. Act Book
Esq. Act Book
Blancharde William   Ellerton 1589
Blanshard Ellen widow Ellerton 1658
Blanshard John   Ellerton 1590
Blansheard Chris.   Ellerton 1658
Blencherd John   Ellerton 1555
Blieth John son of Anth. Blieth of Ellerton 1633
Blieth William admon Ellerton 1622
Blithe Anthony admon Ellerton 1624
Blithe Richard husbandman Ellerton 1601
Blithe William husbandman Ellerton 1628
Blyethe John   Ellerton 1566
Blyth Anthoney the elder Ellerton 1616
Braidley Thomas   Ellerton 1554
Brough Charles   Ellerton 1641
Brough Janet   Ellerton 1597
Brown Ane widow Ellerton 1661
Brownricke Anthony prob. act Ellerton 1633
Brownrigge Ann   Ellerton 1634
Byrkenshawe Richard   Ellerton Priory 1436
Cartwright John   Ellerton Priory 1446
Cartwryght Agnes   Ellerton 1449
Caype John   Ellerton 1584
Clarke Henry   Ellerton 1573

Ellerton, bur Aughton
Cowper Mary   Ellerton 1636
Dove Margaret   Ellerton 1558
Dove Roger curate of Ellerton 1558
Dower Joan admon, widow Ellerton 1624
Duer John   Ellerton 1616
Duer Robert   Ellerton 1641
Eshton Ann als Turner Ellerton 1637
Eshton William   Ellerton 1647
Feusdell George yeoman Ellerton 1646
Fewler Henrie   Ellerton 1650
Fewler Henry   Ellerton 1650
Gascoigne Richard admon Ellerton 1591
Gelletson Thomas   Ellerton 1558
Greene John labourer Ellerton 1628
Act Book
Aughton, p. Ellerton (sic)
Handeley William admon Ellerton 1575
Handley Richard   Ellerton 1558
Handley William   Ellerton 1537
Harrison Thomas   Ellerton 1571
Hauley Robert   Ellerton 1588
Hay Peter del   Spaldington (buried Ellerton) 1426 - 1431
Henlake Thomas husb. bur. Aughton Ellerton 1626
Hessay Richard   Ellerton 1537
Hessell George husbandman Ellerton 1605
Hessle George   Ellerton 1663
Hessle Peter yeoman Ellerton 1637
Hewton Michaell yeoman Ellerton 1660
Hogeson William   Ellerton Priory 1436
Holburne Thomas   Ellerton 1665
Howburne Peter   Ellerton 1645
Howburne Raiphe   Ellerton 1599
Huker John   Ellerton 1518
Johnson Grissel admon Ellerton 1661
Johnson Hugh   Ellerton 1661
Johnson John husbandman Ellerton 1647
Kiddall John   Ellerton 1610
Knuckell Richard   Cambridge, bur. Ellerton 1629
Londesdaill Laurence tuition Ellerton 1563
Lonsdaill Elynne widow Ellerton 1552
Lonsdaill Laurence   Ellerton 1552
Lotton John   Ellerton 1661
Lowndesdale Anthony   Ellerton 1571
Lowther Thomas   Ellerton 1609
Morgon William yeoman, bur. Wressle Ellerton 1597
Parkin John admon Ellerton 1616
Parkin Margrett widow Ellerton 1628
Peereson Xpofer   Ellerton 1627
Peerson Richard   Ellerton 1545
Peyrson John   Ellerton 1580
Poddaigh Anthony   Ellerton 1609
Poddiche John admon Ellerton 1588
Podick Elizabeth widow Ellerton 1618
Pykeryng Thomas de Esquire (buried Ellerton priory) 1406 - 1407
Richardson Christopher   Ellerton 1637
Richardsonn James serveingmann Ellerton 1623
Robinson William   Ellerton 1588
Robynson Robert   Ellerton 1558
Robynson Robert admon Ellerton 1575
Rome Peter labourer Ellertone 1602
Rome Robert prob. act Ellerton 1633
Rome Thomas   Ellerton 1616
Sandesby William admon Ellerton 1588
Savage Henry   Ellerton 1567
Savage John admon Ellerton 1588
Selbie Anthony labourer Ellerton 1603
Smith Bartholomew   Ellerton 1647
Act Book
Soole Robert   Ellerton 1663
Soule John admon Ellerton 1613
Soule Thomas   Ellerton 1636
Soulle Matthew   Ellerton 1587
Stor Thomas   Ellerton 1471 - 1472
Stranton Jenet widow Ellerton 1521
Stranton Robert admon Ellerton 1521
Sutton William   Ellerton 1562
Tailer Jennet admon Ellerton 1595
Tailour Janet admon Ellerton 1598
Taylour Hugh   Ellerton 1647
Thomlinson Ann   Ellerton 1646
Thomlinson Gawyne husbandman Ellerton 1618
Thomlinson John   Ellerton 1588
Thomlinson John admon Ellerton 1588
Thomlinson William admon Ellerton 1624
Thomlynson William   Ellerton 1541
Thompson Robert   Ellerton 1505
Act Book
Thurwell Thomas yeoman Ellerton 1645
Tomlingson John the elder Ellerton 1569
Tomlinson John   Ellerton 1597
Tomlynsonne William   Ellerton 1557
Turner Ann als Eshton Ellerton 1637
Watkin George husbandman Ellerton 1644
West John   Ellerton 1567
Westaby George admon Ellerton 1587
Worrall John carpenter Ellerton 1601
Wright Christopher   Ellerton 1561
Wrighte Barbary widow Ellerton 1613
Wryght William   Ellerton 1537
Yonge George prob. act Ellerton 1633
Yonge Robert singleman Ellerton 1564
Younge Hugh yeoman Ellerton 1616
Younge John   Ellerton 1597