The following are occurrences of Ellerton folk who have turned up in the parish registers of other parishes throughout Yorkshire, and even further afield. Just during a first pass of the printed registers available in the Internet Archive over 200 events were found involving Ellerton folk.

Of particular importance is Howden. It appears that Howden was a popular church to get married in for people from surrounding parishes, and we find a considerable number of Ellerton parishioners who elected to be married there. Considering that the Howden Parish Registers began in 1542 while those in Ellerton in 1675, with a few BTs back to 1600, then it is fortunate indeed to find so many events in the earlier registers of Howden.

Please let me know if you find any others.

Parish Type dd mm yyyy Detail
Howden Mar 10 08 1585 Robt. Herrison of Ellerton & Isabell Clarkson
Howden Mar 30 01 1615 Thomas Blansherd of Ellerton & Marie Northabie
Howden Mar 28 05 1619 William Chambers of Ellerton & Catheren Sharpe
Howden Mar 06 12 1627 Thomas Bell of Ellerton & Eliz. Gofar
Howden Bur 13 09 1616 Thomas Roberts, vicar of Ellerton
Howden Bur 16 04 1640 Isabell wife to John Dan of Elliton
Howden Bur 27 04 1712 John Selby of Ellerton
Howden Bur 23 03 1729 Thomas s. to John Bond of Ellerton
Howden Mar 29 10 1760 Robert Brown of Ellerton, husbandman & Margaret Durham of Howden, sp. Lic., Witnesses: William Brown, Mary Brown
York, HT Goodramgate Mar 17 11 1722 William Johnson of Ellerton & Jane Brigham of ye same, Lic.
York Minster Mar 11 11 1698 Christopher Pearson, of Ellerton, & Ann Walls, of Wheldrake
York Minster Mar 22 02 1707 Richard Corney, of Ellerton, milner, & Mary Drabbs, of the same
York Minster Mar 19 08 1737 Anthony Brownbridge, of Ellerton, & Eleanor Burton, of the same. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 13 01 1749 Henry Brown & Sarah Brownbridge, both of Ellerton. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 24 02 1749 Wm Simpson & Hannah Crake, both of Ellerton. (Lic.)
York Minster Mar 12 02 1742 Joseph Brown, of Ellerton, & Frances Cawood, of Grimston, in ye par. of Dunnington. (Lic.)