Ellerton Rights 1716

A True and Exact Account of ye Rights and perquisites belonging to ye Churches of Aughton & Ellerton, together with ye Chappell of East Cottingwith, 1716

To the Church of Aughton £ s. d.
Pd to ye Church of Aughton out of ye Exchequer 8 0 0
Pd by my Lady castleton as a pension 5 0 0
One house, stable & Barn, with a yard containing about 4 acres of ground      
Churchyard containing about 1 acre & ½ of ground      
Belonging to ye Chappel of East Cottingwith      
Three acres & ½ of meadow in ye Ings      
Eight acres of Field land with a close about 4 acres of ground      
One house with two Cow gates in ye Town’s Pasture      
Rd upon Plow day for each message 6d and for each cottage 3d      
Rd out of 4 half acres of meadow upon Plow-day 0 6 0
Rd out of some meadow called ye Five Mens parts 0 7 0
To ye Church of Ellerton      
Pd to ye Church of Ellerton out of ye Exchequer 4 19 0
A Close at Wheldrake containing about 6 acres of ground      
Half an acre of landin Wheldrake Field      
A Close at Sandholme containing about 4 acres of ground      
A Tow-yard containing about 1 rood of ground      
An acre of land lyeing in ye Field called Snape Hurn    

As to

Tythes & mortuaries, there are none paid, & offerings only out of those few houses in Seaton & Spaldington which belong to Aughton Church.


The custom for Marriages, Churchings & Burials, They are as follows:

[damaged, unreadable]