Ellerton Vicar's Petition 1764


May the Eleventh 1764


A true Copy of a Request drawn by Wm Store Vicar of Ellerton and signed by the Lord and Freeholders of the said Manner.


The humble Request of Wm Store Vicar of the parish church of Ellerton to the Lord and Freeholders of the said Manner.


Whereas the Parish Church of Ellerton is but endowed with about ten Pounds a Year, and has only divine Service performed there one Sunday in three; if the Lord and Freeholders of the said Parish shall be pleased to agree to the taking up and inclosing so much of the Common of Ellerton aforesaid as may entitle the said Church to the late Queen’s Bounty, the said Vicar promises to perform Divine Services in that Church at least two Sundays in three; and he and his Successors will be ever bound to pray for those their benefactors.


William Store


We the Lord and Freeholders of the Parish of Ellerton do give our Consents that so much of the said Common shall be inclosed as may entitle the said Church to the late Queen’s Bounty. Witness our Hands


William Blanshard                        Hugh Bethell

William Brown                        Jane Hewit

George Johnson                        Bar. Fairfax

Anthony Brownbridge                        Josias Thorwell

                        John Brownbridge


The above is a true Copy as Witness our hands the Day & year above written


James Cookson, Curate

Henry Brown, Churchwarden

Robert Cock

Jane Wilkinson

George Buttle

Thomas Lea’s mark


Note: This ‘true copy’ of a Request and Consent appears in the bundle of Terriers for Ellerton at the Borthwick, under reference Ter/1 and also includes further ‘true copies’ drawn up in 1770, and signed just by James Cookson, the curate, and in 1785,  and witnessed by James Cookson, Curate, Peter Lee, churchwarden, Robert Brown, Robert Watson, William Atkinson, and Peter Lee. The Terrier of 1853 also includes the text of the above Request and Consent at the foot of the Terrier. In none of the true copies or terriers does the actual date of the Request and/or Consent appear, only the date when the copy was drawn up.