Cover and Miscellaneous Entries

(Cover of Poor Book)

Bought by John Johnson upon the 1st of May 1802


And paid for the same 7/-


William Atkinson


Received of John Robinson 1/6 per week up to the 27 of March 1802


Paid to Jane Webster 1/6 per week up to the 27 of March 1802


Dale Money for the Township of Ellerton 

13 4

7 4
1 0 8


Allerthrop Dale paid at Christmas and Whitsuntide 3s and 4d a Time


Sir William Anderson Dale paid at Christmas 3s. 4d.


Young Dale Paid by Thomas Boast 3s 4d Whitsuntide


Mr George Knottingham Dale paid out of the Fordale 10s. at Whitsuntide


Geo. Smith Rent Paid at Christmas & Whitsuntide 19-15-0


[scored through] Wm Atkinson Rent paid at Christmas & Whitsuntide 9-7-6


Due to Ellerton Poor 4-13-6


The Other Due to the Almshouse 4-14-0

Jno Hokings 6-0-0

Rd. Allen 2-0-0

Pet. Brown



Money received by the said Overseers for Wheat [I have given the names of those purchasing wheat, but have omitted the amounts paid]


John Hunter

John Hewson

James Voases

Thos. Webster

William Wilkinson

John Peacock

Lancelot Selby

Thos. Jackson

John Hasselwood

Thos. Lolley

William Brown

Fran. Mosey

Anna Beckett

Francis Duckett

Rich. Broadley

John Hobkinson

William Sherburn

Robt. Johnson

Ann Harrison

Anthony Dodsworth

John Selby

John Hasselwood jun.

John Robinson

Elizabeth Webster




7th May 1802.


 [A note of] The Will of Mr Hugh Bethell of Ellerton wherein he leaves to six poor people in the Almshouse the sum of 16 pounds to be annually pd out of land within the Township of Aughton known by the name of Anderthorn and land in the occupation of Richd Allan as follows


12 pounds a year pd by Mr Hawkin

4 pound a year pd by R. Allen


This will proved the 10th day of May 1611 by Lady Jane Bethell widow his relict.


R. Smith



William Tate paid to the 17 May 1804

William Tate Paid to J. Blanshard 746-0

Which is up to 17th of May 1806


William Heccals Paid James Blanshard 2-2-0

Which is up to 12th June 1808


William Heccals paid Robt. Smith 4-1-0

Which is up to the 26th of June 1809


William Tate Paid Robt Smith 7-16-0

Which is up to the 17th of May 1808


William Tate Paid Jno Johnson 4-4-0

which is up to the 14th of Jun 1809


Wm HeckelIs paid to Jno Johnson 3-3-0

which is up to the 16th of Apr 1810


Wm. HeckelIs paid to Jno Johnson 1-17-6

which is up to the 15th Oct 1810


Wm. Tate paid Wm Atkinson 6-6-0

which is up to the 24 Jan 1811



Received of Wm. Tate £6 6s. by me Wm. Atkinson


Joseph Pevison serving as substitute for J. Young


Between Bubwith and Ellerton the Number of men in each Township, Bubwith 45, Ellerton 27 men.


John Willson rent is 5-5-9 per Year



Town’s ditch from Alder bottoms to Clow


From the Drain head to Landing Road 197 roods

to Clough 148 roods

345 roods in all