Ellerton Terrier 1743

A Terrier of ye lands belonging to ye Curacy of Ellerton



Impr:    A close in ye Lordship of Eastrington containing by Estimation six Acres of ground An Hempgarth at ye end of ye Almshouses containing about half an Acre of ground.


It:                                 A Parcel of ground in ye Lordship of Wheldrake called Hargil-close, The Arbors, ye little Middle Riddings close, A a broad Cawsey land in ye West North Field, by Estimation half an Acre.

            All ye Abovementioned grounds were given by Henry Robinson of Buckton in ye County of York Esq., to ye Church of Ellerton, provided yt ye said Minister shall likewise preach at Aughton for ever.


It:        Paid by ye Kings Receiver Four Pounds Sixteen shillings & Eight Pence at ye Feast of St. Michael yearly.


It:        Sixty Acres of land taken up & Inclosed from ye Common of Ellerton for ye benefit of ye said Church.


It:        The Sum of Five Pounds being ye Interest of Two Hundred Pounds, Assigned by ye Governors of ye Bounty of Queen Anne for ye Augmentation of ye said Church


It:        One Acre of plowing land, lyeing in a parcel of ground called Snape-Hurn


It:        A ChurchYard & Hempgarth adjoining


            This is a true & perfect Terrier of all ye lands (for Houses there are none) belonging to ye Curacy of Ellerton.


            Witness our hands this 22 of August 1743


            Wm Store, Curate

            Richard Dudding, Jn Williamson, Churchwardens

            George Johnson, Parishioner