Priors of Ellerton

Name Occurs Reference
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John 1219 Feet of F. file 14, no. 78 (Hil. 3 Hen. III).
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Alan 1335 Baildon's MS. Notes.
William of Housom 1348 Ibid.
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James Lowrance 1534-1538 Ibid. no. 183, 190, 191; Valor Eccl. v, 128.
John Golding 1538 Conventual Leases, Yorks. (P.R.O.), no. 187.
  1538 Dep. Keeper's Rep. viii, App. 20.

John Golding


In 1536, during the first large-scale revolt in the North against the break with Rome and the Dissolution of the Monasteries, styled ‘The Pilgrimage of Grace’, the Prior of Watton was Robert Holgate. Holgate was previously a protégé of Thomas Cromwell, 1st Earl of Essex, becoming his chaplain, and had become Master of the Gilbertine Order in 1536.


The Pilgrimage of Grace caused division at Watton; most of the monks there were accused of taking part, but the prior, Robert Holgate, was for Cromwell, and the King. Surrounded by enemies on all sides, Holgate fled to Cromwell


After the rebels took Hull, they installed John Hallam as governor. Hallam came with a number of his heavily armed soldiers to Watton, where the monks were sitting for dinner; and in the presence of the Priors of Ellerton and of St. Andrew's, York, ordered the brethren to elect a new Prior. They replied that it was against their statutes, their Prior being alive and not lawfully removed. He then said, that if they did not he would spoil their house, and he would nominate one himself. Faced by this threat, the canons nominated James Lowrance, the Prior of Ellerton, but he would not assume the title and they themselves wanted him to bear the name only for fear of spoilation.


Shortly before the second insurrection (Bigod’s Rebellion, January 1537), Sir Francis Bigod went with Hallam to Watton and ‘kindled him’ to move the brethren to a new election of a prior in Holgate's place, 'saying they might lawfully do so'. Bigot even drew up a nomination of the Prior of Ellerton, and the canons apparently accepted this, thinking it would safeguard their property and be shown to the commons for the saving of the house goods.


Following the crushing of the second insurrection and the execution of its leaders, Robert Holgate was elevated first to Bishop of Llandaff, then to Archbishop of York, in 1545. He never forgot his loyal friend, John Golding, who first occurs as Prior of Ellerton about a month before the Dissolution (Conventual Leases, Yorks. (TN), no. 187). The fate of the previous Prior, James Lowrance, remains a mystery.


John Golding was a canon of Watton before he became prior of Ellerton. While there he was ordained sub deacon 17 December 1519, deacon 15 March 1522 and priest 20 December 1522.


Following Golding’s surrender of Ellerton priory he obtained a dispensation to hold a benefice with change of habit, 25 March 1539 (Fac. Office Reg. p. 181). Shortly afterwards he was instituted to the vicarage of Wigton. He obtained, out of the Archbishop Holgate’s gift, the prebendaries of Sepulchre Chapel in 1547, and Givendale in 1551. He was also collated to the rectorships of North Tidworth in 1544, Burghwallis in 1545, and Birkin in 1551, and the Mastership of St Mary Magdalene Hospital in York.


During the Survey of Chantries in 1548, Golding was described as “52 years of age, indifferently well learned, of honest conversacion and qualities, having for his porcion one prebende in the sayde chapel to the yerely value of £9 11s. 3d., and in other livings to the yerely value of £68 11s. 3d., in all, £79 15s. 10d.”


When Archbishop Holgate wrote his will in April 1555, John Golding was a witness and named as one of the executors. Holgate died in Nov 1555, and his will was proved on the 27th April 1556, however, Golding himself died just one month later, in May 1556.


No will has been found for Golding, but it is certain that he left one as Anthony Swynbank, Ralph Duffeld and John Dawson are all named as executors of his will in a chancery case brought against Anthony Swynbank.

St. Mary's Church Clergy

Date Name Source and Notes
before 1544 George Palmes Archdeacon of York in 1544. Prior to this, listed among his benefices was Ellerton (though it is not clear if this is Ellerton in the East Riding or Ellerton upon Swale in the North Riding). Catholic Recusancy in York, 1558-1791, Hugh Aveling, CRS Mono 2, pages 296-297, 1970
1616 Thomas Roberts Buried at Howden, 13 Sep 1616, Vicar of Ellerton, Howden Parish Registers
1626-1628 unknown During these years the Bishops’ Transcripts for Ellerton were unsigned
1633 Marmaduke Carver Signed the Bishops’ Transcripts for 1633 and 1634 as minister.
1636 Daniel Bushell Signed the Bishops’ Transcripts for 1636 to 1640 as curate. Bushell was still minister of Aughton in 1642 when he baptised his son there, and was probably still the incumbent until 1645 when many Royalist clergy were deprived of their livings.
1649 vacant During the Parliamentary Survey of 1649/50 the Commissioners found that there was currently no Minister for Aughton and Ellerton. Following the Restoration the benefice was still vacant in 1663 (Bishop's Transcript for that year unsigned)
1666 Thomas Keeder Listed as vicar in the 1680 and 1681 Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns, but probably from as early as 1666 when he is named as the incumbent of Aughton.
1687 George Ellison Signed the Bishops’ Transcripts 1687-1697. Listed as curate in the 1691-1697 Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns.
1698 vacant During this year the Bishops’ Transcripts for Ellerton were unsigned
1703 William Dunn Listed as curate in the 1703-1707 Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns.
1708 William Store Signed the Bishop’s Transcript, as vicar, 1708. Listed as curate in the 1711-1718 Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns.
1726 William Store CCEd, Admitted Curate. [Probably son of the above William Store]. Died Pocklington 25 Jan 1746/7, AHN
1748 William Store CCEd, Licensed 1748, Patron Slingsby Bethell.
1753 James Cookson CCEd, Curate, died 1785. Patron Slingsby Bethell
1785 George Ion CCEd, Perpetual Curate, died 1814. Patron: Chris. Bethell. Notice of his death in The Gentlemans Magazine, Vol 115, May, 1814, page 522.
1814 J. Wilkinson The Clerical Guide, 1836. Patron: Sir C. B. Codrington. Admitted by Archbishop of York 10 Apr 1814, deacon by same 20 Oct 1782, priest by same 23 Jul 1786. Exhibit Book for 1817, fol 46v.
1815-1819 vacant No incumbent listed in the Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns for these years.
1820 John Wilkinson + John Wilkinson jun John Wilkinson is described as ‘curate’ and John Wilkinson jun. as ‘his curate’ in the Archdeacon’s Visitation Returns for the years 1820-1840.
1841 William George Wilkinson The Clergy List, 1850. Patron: Rev. J. D. Jefferson
1871 Henry Collins The Clergy List, 1872. Patron: Rev. J. D. Jefferson. His obituary appears in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Feb 1897, page 210.
1889 George Robinson The Clergy List, 1892. Patron: J. J. D. Jefferson
1906 Albert John Perkins The Clergy List, 1910. Patron: Rev. J. D. Jefferson
1912 Frederick Charnock Bamford Darwent The Clergy List, 1915. Patron: Rev. J. D. JeffersonVicar of the merged living of Ellerton and Aughton, with the chapelry of East Cottingwith, from 1921. In 1930 the patrons were listed as T. Newsome esq., and J. J. Jefferson esq., alternatively.
1939 Charles Raymond Post The Clergy List, 1940. Patron: Col. J. A. D. Jefferson and Major Newsome.
1946 Eustace Roughton Woods The Clergy List, 1948. Patron: Lt.-Col. Sir J. A. D. Jefferson
1960 Simeon Robert Birchnall 1960-1965, Vicar of Ellerton Priory with Aughton and East Cottingwith. website. Confusing, as there is online an obituary for John Cedric Hawkesworth Stocks, who died in 2002, who was given as Vicar of Ellerton, Aughton and E.C. 1960-1965